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With around one million named species and perhaps several times that number unnamed, insects account for a great majority of the species of animals on earth. They are a tremendously successful group. More >>
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Insects (from Latin insectum, a calque of Greek ἔντομον éntomon], "cut into sections") are a class of invertebrates within the arthropod phylum that...

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The fascinating stories of insects and the roles they play in our lives. Cultural entomology, insect macrophotography, educational resources and links to other ...

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Learn all you wanted to know about bugs with pictures, videos, photos, facts, and news from National Geographic.

Bug of the Week - February 20, 2013 Hello again, Bug of the Weekers (I was going to go with Buggers, but I suspect that could be taken the wrong way by some readers)! If you can name this critter to species, leave your answer in a comment. This species feeds on foliag... More »
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The Insects are the most diverse and important group of animals on land. There are more species of insects than all other land animals put together. Insects live ...

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Insect and Spider Identification - Information and Pictures of North American Insects, Spiders, and Bugs.

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Insect Images · Orders · Other Arthropods · Help · Brand. Browse. Orders. Beetles · Moths and Butterflies · True bugs ... bugs, cicadas, aphids and scale insects ...

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The Wonderful World of Insects, introducing the insect in all its amazing variety, with links to the many more detailed pages that make up this site.

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Insect Printouts. Print out animal pages/information sheets to color.

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Q: What insect is this?
A: I found this insect again in my room for the third time. It has this snout-like mouth. I can tell you that the insect has a very very strong grip. I tried blowi... Read More »
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Q: What insect is this?
A: It appears to be an adult weevil (a kind of beetle)  Samples or better images can be sent to. https://identify.us.com. Read More »
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Q: What are insects for?
A: Answer #1 In 'Pilgrim at Tinker Creek', author Annie Dillard [b. April 30, 1945] writes of understanding the meaning of life upon learning the 'why' of insects.... Read More »
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Q: What are insects?
A: An insect has six legs and three different body parts. These are the main signs of an insect, and an insect is a bug that can fly. Read More »
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Q: How to Make Insect Fogger.
A: Things You'll Need. Lawn mower. New oil can, with flexible hose and built-in lever. 2.5-foot copper pipe, 0.25-inch diameter. Inflatable (ball) needle. One larg... Read More »
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