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Earth could fit 50 of its moons inside it. The diameter of Earth is 12,742 kilometers, while the Moon's is 3,474, which makes the Moon about 27 percent of the size of Earth. It wou...

Structure of the Earth

The interior structure of the Earth is layered in spherical shells, like an onion. ... Earth has an outer silicate solid crust, a highly viscous mantle, a liquid outer core that is ..... Jump up ^ F...

Inside the Earth - Science - National Geographic

Get information, facts, photos, news, videos, and more about the interior of the Earth from National Geographic.


The Earth is the third planet from the sun in our solar system. the Earth&v=N9ncfAsmiSg
Nov 25, 2012 ... This topic explains the inner layers of the earth's crust and how the earth looks like on both the inside and the outside. This is a product of ...

An Ocean Is Hidden Inside Earth, And We'll Take You There To See ...

Nov 25, 2014 ... Earth's interior is way more complicated than you probably thought -- turns out it has molten metal and hidden oceans, and parts of it are hotter ...

Inside the Earth [This Dynamic Earth, USGS]

Inside the Earth. The size of the Earth -- about 12,750 kilometers (km) in diameter -was known by the ancient Greeks, but it was not until the turn of the 20th ...

Huge 'Ocean' Discovered Inside Earth - LiveScience

Scientists probing the Earth's interior have found a large reservoir of water equal to the volume of the Arctic Ocean beneath eastern Asia. The left figure is a slice ...

The Earth's Inside

Thanks to earthquakes, the seimic waves they give off and the instruments used to gather data abouth such events, we now know the chemical composition ...

BBC - Future - Are there 'oceans' hiding inside the Earth?

Oct 29, 2014 ... The chance discovery of a mystery rock wrapped inside a diamond has made scientists question how our oceans formed – and what might be ...

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Q: Inside the earth?
A: The layers of the Earth go in this order: Crust- Oceanic crust (basalt) and Continental crust (granite) Solid rock. Lithosphere. Solid. rock. Asthenosphere. Liq... Read More »
Q: What is inside the earth?
A: Rock, Hot Rock, Liquid and metal Read More »
Q: What is the heat inside the earth?
A: Because of the Earth's axial rotation there is friction and heat Read More »
Q: What is formed inside the earth?
A: The inner core is inside of the earth. Read More »
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