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An optical mouse is a computer mouse which uses a light source, typically an light-emitting diode (LED), and a light detector, such as an array of photodiodes,  ...

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Jul 9, 2013 ... Do you know, how Optical Mouse? Well here is the indepth video review of what's inside an optical mouse & how they work. Download the full ...

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Jun 20, 2016 ... A simple introduction to computer mice, with photos showing what's inside an optical mouse and a ball mouse.

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Dr Destruct-o takes apart a couple of Microsoft Explorer Optical "IntelleMice", to see if there are any useful goodies inside.

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Take a look at the technology that goes into optical mice and see what ... There's no way for dirt to get inside the mouse and interfere with the tracking sensors.

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An optical mouse works by having a low resolution camera inside it which takes around 1500 to 6000 pictures per second of the surface beneath it, and by ...

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Home. Chipmunk International made this page to show what an Apple Pro Mouse looks like on the inside. (We als have a similar page on the iPod). If you have ...

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Jun 12, 2008 ... Open up a computer mouse and this is what you'll find inside. This is from our article on how computer mice work. Compare with our photo of ...

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Jun 26, 2016 ... When you move the mouse straight up, the y-axis wheel turns. ... a few wheels, and a number of other mechanical parts present inside it. ... An optical mouse is technologically much more advanced than a mechanical mouse.

An Optical Mouse on the inside... - Chipmunk International


Apple used a (expensive) double-sided circuit board. The equivalent Logitech mouse manages (through smarter design) to use a single sided circuit board.