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Online jargon, also known as text message shorthand, used primarily in texting, online chat, instant messaging, email, blogs, and newsgroup postings, these ...


What exactly does "brb" mean? ... Brb is shorthand for "be right back". ... When instant messaging/text messaging, say 'brb' whenever you are going to leave.


OMG, A dictionary of over 300 SMS Text Message Abbreviations, Symbols & Acronyms for Planet Earth. BTW, I'll BRB, so CUL8R. OMG, PPL WTG. SRY, It's ...


Mar 6, 2017 ... Here are the meanings of short forms like asl, brb, lol, wtf, pw, afa, ... Meanings of BRB, ASL, LOL, etc. used in chats ... IM – Instant Messenger.


Oct 25, 2012 ... A major aspect of the rise of instant messaging in the 1990s was the shorthand language and acronyms that came with it: BRB: Be Right Back.


Jun 4, 2015 ... The things we posted in our away messages were ALMOST as embarrassing as our ... Here are 17 totally classic AIM away messages that you definitely posted back in your instant-messaging days. 1. BRB showering... Just in ...


AOL Instant Messenger. ASL. Age / Sex / Location ? ATM. At The Moment. BBL. Be Back Later. BBS. Be Back Soon. BF. Boyfriend. BRB. Be Right back. BTW.


A list of common abbreviations used in chat and instant messaging systems to communicate more quickly. ... BRB, Be right back. BTA, But then again... BTW, By  ...


Many people use cryptic abbreviations when instant messaging and chatting, just ... When chatting, press the AceType hotkey and type "brb" to send out the ...