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How to Use Chopsticks
The early stages of using chopsticks can be daunting and full of dropped food, dropped sticks and lots of frustration. Once you get the basics down, though, you can practice daily until you master the art of eating with chopsticks. Embarrassment and... More »
Difficulty: Moderate

Chopsticks (hand game)

Chopsticks (also called Numbers, Swords, Sticks, Fingers, Magic Fingers, Split, ... hand and four fingers on the other can use their turn to "split" the points 2:2. on How to Use Chopsticks&v=m8mw8SWS5nM
Aug 22, 2008 ... Watch more Dining & Table Manners videos: 308988-How-to-Set-a-Formal-Table Like skiing and speaking a ...
If possible, use wood or bamboo chopsticks. Pick up a chopstick and hold it so that it's resting comfortably between the tip of your fourth finger (the ring finger) and the hollow gap between your thumb and index finger. To pick up food, straighten your index and midd... More »
By Rhonda Parkinson, Guide

How to Eat with Chopsticks: 7 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

... asking for a fork. Now it's time to say goodbye to that fork for good and to put those chopsticks to work! ... Uneven chopsticks will be very difficult to use. Eat with ...

How to Eat with Chopsticks - Instructables

A step-by-step guide on how to properly hold and eat with chopsticks. ... Easy To Use Chopsticks Trick (less than 1 min) by burntorange · How To Eat With ...

How to use chop sticks - Instructables

But if you've ever gone to a swanky restaurant where chopsticks are the norm and forks ... This is an excellent 'ible; step-by-step instructions, each step fully and  ...

How To Use Chopsticks | An Illustrated Guide

A guide on how to use Chinese chopsticks. ... Instructions on How to Use Chopsticks ... Chinese use chopsticks and Westerners use knives and fork- for main dishes. That is the difference between the two cultures when it comes to eating.

How to Hold the Chopsticks - An Introduction to Japanese Food ...

The chopsticks should be placed in the hand in this order: step 1. First, grab both chopsticks with one hand. step 2. Next, line up the chopsticks with the other ...

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Q: How to Use Chopsticks.
A: Things You'll Need. Chopsticks. Instructions. Hold your dominant hand in front of you with the pinky and ring fingers curled loosely toward your palm. Allow you... Read More »
Q: How to Use Chopsticks.
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Q: How to Use Wooden Chopsticks
A: 1 Steadily hold it. The important thing with chopsticks is that you find a method of holding them that allows you to eat easily and comfortably. Traditionally c... Read More »
Q: How do you use a chopstick?
A: put ur thumb on the bottom chopstick and the finger next to the thumb on top and make the chopsticks touch Read More »
Q: How to Use Chopsticks.
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