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Scientists measure plate tectonics using GPS satellites, and they use computer models that simulate the motions of Earth's tectonic plates to try to predict future ...

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results of plate-tectonic forces are most evident (Figure 2). ... studying the Earth's crustal movements. ... used to determine the rates of plate motion at divergent.

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(and Plate Tectonics and Earthquakes) ... Precise station locations can be used to study plate tectonics. • Scientists use the ... instruments onboard the satellites ...

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The Plate Boundary Observatory is a geodetic observatory designed to study the ... for the locations of currently installed PBO instruments) which will be used to ...

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The surface of the Earth is broken up into "tectonic plates" that move in different ... To study present-day plate motions, we can anchor GPS instruments firmly in bedrock and ... The same rules are used here as were used for the Ferris wheel.

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By Andrew Alden. We can tell from two different lines of evidence—geodetic and geologic—that the lithospheric plates move. Even better, we can trace those ...

What instruments are used to study the shifting of the plates


GPS transmitors are used to detect the slow movement of the tectonic plates.

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Carolina plate tectonics products and instruments will help prepare you to study the theory of continental drift in your classroom setting.

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... Ken Hudnut, a Columbia University graduate student studying plate tectonics in ... that used GPS to measure distances with a precision of a few millimeters. .... instruments to sense hydrological changes and deformation in the boreholes and  ...

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Jun 7, 2011 ... The ground is being shoved by tectonic plates. ... PANGA's instruments are sophisticated variations on consumer GPS units, using the ... GPS networks have revolutionized the study of geology by opening a window onto the ...

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Apr 6, 2016 ... These instruments monitor the change in crustal strain near active faults and ... Tiltmeters are highly sensitive instruments used to measure ground tilt ... hanging between two capacitor plates within a tube in a borehole.

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Volcanologists use many different kinds of tools including instruments that detect ... section for more detailed information on the tools used to study volcanoes!