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An important fact about animal cells is that they are eukaryotic cells. Although plant and animal cells are both eukaryotic, animal cells have different organelles and are smaller ...

Kingdom Animalia
All animals are members of the Kingdom Animalia, also called Metazoa. This Kingdom does not contain the prokaryotes (Kingdom Monera, includes bacteria, blue-green algae) or the protists (Kingdom Protista, includes unicellular eukaryotic... More >>
Other Kingdoms:

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FACT: Animals are divided into six basic groups which include amphibians, birds, fishes, invertebrates, mammals and reptiles. Amphibians were the first vertebrates to make the move from life in water to life on land. Scientists estimate that there are in the ballpark ... More »
By Laura Klappenbach, About.com Guide

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Q: What is a interesting fact about animals?
A: Well i know a lot of animal facts.OK heres 1. A domestic cat can frighten a black bear to climb a tree.Also mosqitous have 47 teeth.In a fight between a polar b... Read More »
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Q: What is an interesting fact about animals?
A: when a puppy is born he is deaf, blind, and toothless also dogs don't sweat by salivating, they sweat through the pads on their feet. It's a myth that dogs are ... Read More »
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Q: Interesting Facts About Animal Shelters.
A: History. The first animal shelters were created in New York in 1894 shortly after the first anti-animal cruelty laws were approved. At first, the laws were just... Read More »
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Q: What are some Interesting facts about Anime?
A: First things first though, the word \"Anime\" is French and it means \"Animation\", and is actually when comics, or \"Manga\", is turned into a Japanese cartoon... Read More »
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Q: What are some interesting facts about animals.
A: Even though animals may be different from each other they all manage to live mostly in peace. Read More »
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