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Asteroid Vesta – http://dawn.jpl.nasa.gov/multimedia/vesta_dawn_gallery.asp ... Asteroids are small, rocky solar system bodies that populate interplanetary ...

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Dec 23, 2015 ... At first glance, looking at a bunch of space rocks doesn't sound that exciting. Like, aren't they just a bunch of rubble? What use can they be in ...

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Science Kids - Fun Science & Technology for Kids! ... Interesting facts about asteroids Asteroid ... Asteroids are small Solar System bodies that orbit the Sun.

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Nov 21, 2014 ... Asteroids: Fun Facts and Information About Asteroids. OSIRIS clear filter image taken during the flyby of the Rosetta spacecraft at asteroid ...

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May 25, 2014 ... 1.) If all of the asteroids were combined into a ball, they would still be much smaller than Earth's moon. If the sun was as tall as a typical front ...

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Most of us are familiar with the Asteroid Belt as a grouping of very large rocks that orbit the Sun. There's so much more left to know, so let's launch this.

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Asteroid Facts. ... This image, taken by NASA's Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous mission in 2000, shows a close-up view of Eros, an asteroid with an orbit that ...

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Oct 14, 2015 ... Asteroids lies in between Mars and Jupiter. ... in Space - Duration: 6:41. Datacube: awesome facts and interesting top lists 4,396 views. 6:41.
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Apr 6, 2015 ... 7 interesting facts about The asteroid belt. The Asteroid Belt. If you are interested in the wonders of the Universe, as planets, stars, black holes, ...

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Jun 30, 2016 ... TODAY is Asteroid Day (asteroidday.org) marking the anniversary of the Tunguska Event on June 30, 1908, when an area in Siberia suffered ...

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Asteroids are minor planets, especially those of the inner Solar System. The larger ones have also been called planetoids. These terms have historically been  ... More »
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Asteroid Facts. What is an asteroid? An asteroid is a small body orbiting the Sun that is composed primarily of rock or metal.

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Asteroid Facts for Kids. Asteroid is a term used to describe rocks found in outer space. There are millions of them throughout our solar system and the vary in ...

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Feb 15, 2013 ... Find out what makes these space-faring rocks so interesting.