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Fascinating facts about beavers including diet, size, weight, habitat, range and latin or scientific name.

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There are two species of beaver. The European or Eurasian beaver (Castor fiber) and the North American beaver (Castor canadensis). Beavers are the second ...

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Aug 13, 2010 ... The first beavers to be born in the wild since their re-introduction to the UK were spotted in Argyll, Scotland in 2010. Here are 10 facts you might ...

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Learn all you wanted to know about beavers with pictures, videos, photos, facts, and news from National Geographic.

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Interesting Beaver Facts: Males and females beavers look very similar. Their 3-4 feet long body is covered with dark brown, thick fur. Beaver weighs 35 to 60 ...

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Collection of interesting and fun beaver facts for kids. The article tells you everything about these rodents, from their diet to the role in the ecosystem.

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Beavers are nocturnal semi-aquatic rodents. They are the second largest rodent in the world. There are two types of beaver: American and Eurasian. They live in  ...

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Feb 18, 2015 ... Beaver information cool fact interesting for children funny facts learn for fun easy for kids to understand crazy creatures talk facts animals facts
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Jul 20, 2014 ... SciShow shares fun facts about nature's greatest engineers: the beaver! Special thanks to Dr. Heidi Perryman of ...
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Dec 19, 2008 ... Sir David Attenborough narrates this interesting animal video following a beaver gang as it builds a dam. Great short wildlife clip from BBC ...
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Apr 7, 2015 ... Although they didn't have the characteristic flat tail, giant beavers of the Ice Age, known as ... In fact, it's sometimes used in vanilla flavorings. Castoreum .... A super-skimmable Daily Digest filled with fun stories from our editors.

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Oct 13, 2015 ... The phrase "busy as a beaver" aptly describes these big-toothed rodents that can change the landscape and their environment.

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Learn fun and interesting facts about beavers. Includes information about the North American beaver and the European beaver.