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Symbol: B
Atomic Number: 5
Relative Atomic Mass: 10.811 amu
Year Discovered: 1808
Discovered by: Louis-Joseph Gay-Lussac, Louis-Jacques Thenard, and Humphry Davy

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Nov 4, 2014 ... But boron isn't all fun and games. The isotope boron-10 happens to be excellent at absorbing neutrons. This is extremely handy for nuclear ...

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Interesting Boron Facts: Sir Humphry Davy, Joseph-Louis Gay-Lussac, and Louis Jaques Thenard isolated the boron element by creating a reaction of boric acid ...

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Interesting Facts about Boron. The largest borax mine in the world is located in Boron, California in the Mohave Desert. It burns with a green flame and is used to  ...

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Interesting Facts about Boron. Boron is a tough element – very hard, and very resistant to heat. In its crystalline form it is the second ...

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May 20, 2015 ... Boron is the fifth element of the periodic table. These boron facts contain chemical and physical data along with general ... Fun Boron Facts.

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Boron's symbol is B, it is classified as a metalloid and it is a solid at room temperature. Its atomic number is 5 and its atomic weight is...

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Aug 10, 2015 ... Facts about Boron talk about the element in the periodic table with the ... If you are interested to find out more interesting facts about Boron, ...

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Boron has interesting optical properties. The boron mineral ulexite exhibits natural fiberoptic properties. Elemental boron transmits portions of infrared light.

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Here is his interesting page about boron as a fuel. And as you can see below, this lump was considerably more cost effective than our first attempted sample.