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The experts at The Goldfish Tank love sharing fun facts about goldfish! That's why we've put together this list of our top 10 goldfish facts.

50+ Fascinating Facts About Goldfish - Pure Goldfish


Nov 7, 2015 ... Betcha didn't know at least one of these mind-blowing facts about goldfish! The most ... Or maybe I missed an interesting piece of information.

ABCs of Animal World: Interesting Facts About the Amazing Goldfish


Aug 30, 2011 ... Here are some amazing facts abut the interesting Goldfish. ... The longest goldfish measured was 47.4 cm (18.7 in) from snout to tail-fin end in ...

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Apr 4, 2016 ... Interesting Facts about Goldfish. Goldfish is one of the most beautiful and versatile species of fish. It is the most attractive creature in an ...



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Dec 27, 2014 ... This is a really cringey old video but it has 9k+ views so heh 10 facts ... How to Keep Goldfish: Goldfish Facts- Five fun Facts about Goldfish ...
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Sep 7, 2014 ... How To Treat Sick Fish With Metronidazole, Treating Goldfish with Metronidazole ... So here are my top 5 fun facts about Goldfish. 1. Goldfish ...

All About Aquarium Fish: Interesting Facts about Goldfish


Goldfish make a big splash during mating which occurs before dawn and usually the lights are still off. The next thing you will notice is that there will be ...

Goldfish Behavior - Male Goldfish and Female Goldfish Characteristics


A guide to goldfish behavior and why female and male goldfish act the way they do. ... It's a fact that goldfish have memory that lasts up to 3 months. That means they can recognize different human ... treating illensses. Having fun with your fish!

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Aug 24, 2010 ... Goldfish are cold-blooded and their metabolism rate depends upon water temperature. These hardy freshwater fish belong to the species ...

Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Cypriniformes Family: Cyprinidae Genus: Carassius
Species: Carassius auratus
Although goldfishes originated in China, they have now spread worldwide in aquariums, ornamental pools, and into the wild. In the wild, goldfish can be found in slow-moving, freshwater bodies of water. As with their close... More »
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Fun Fish Facts - Fish Bowl Article - Nat Geo WILD


Jan 24, 2014 ... Fun Fish Facts. Goldfish are descendants of carp and have their origins in China. There are hundreds of varieties of goldfish found around the ...

10 Interesting Facts about Goldfish | Fish and Pet


10 Interesting Facts about Goldfish. moregardening_pic159 Goldfish and Koi are both members of the carp family, but they differ from each other in that goldfish ...

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Goldfish are a popular pet. Kids learn about how goldfish live and how to take care of this fish.