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Collection of interesting and fun softball facts for kids. Learn the facts about history and teams of this sport, also played as a type known as mushball.

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Jan 30, 2016 ... Softball rules and a league were established by the Boat Club in 1889, and the first league began in 1897 in Toronto.

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Aug 31, 2015 ... ... playground. Here are some interesting facts about softball for you: ... Softball Facts 3: the governing body of softball in the world. The rules of ...

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Facts about Softball. Baseball-like game played with larger ball on a smaller field.

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Apr 27, 2015 ... This is probably one of the most unknown facts about softball because it ... that you may stop and discover these interesting facts about softball.

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1. Like most popular sports, there wasn't special softball ball at first, the original softball was actually a rolled-up boxing glove. 2. Softball was inve.

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In 1982, softball became an officially sanctioned NCAA sport. With eight national championships, UCLA has been the most successful Division I program to date.

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Softball, although having similarities to baseball, originated as a result of the Thanksgiving Day football game of 1887 between Harvard and Yale. Alumni from  ...

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In this edition we will examine the very rare facts that history records that will keep you smiling this festive season. Are you ready for the Softball Fun Facts?

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Interesting Facts That Set Softball Apart. Many people, me included, do not hesitate to point out how softball has striking resemblance to baseball. It is very true ...

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Interesting Softball Facts: The game of softball came from George Hancock. He is credited as the game's inventor and the inventor of the undersized bat and the ...

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Fun Facts. The game of sofball oringinated in Chicago on Thanksgiving Day, ... Today more than forty million people play softball each summer, making it the ...

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Ten fun facts about Softball. Fact 1. The original softball was actually just a rolled- up boxing glove. Fact 2. The outdoor version of softball was created eight years ...