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Golden lion tamarin


The golden lion tamarin also known as the golden marmoset, is a small New World monkey of .... This is due to the fact that tamarins commonly give birth to twins and, to a lesser extent, triplets an...

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Apr 5, 2011 ... Fourteen Fun Facts About Golden Lion Tamarins. Yesterday I visited the Smithsonian's National Zoo and took a quick look through the Small ...

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Do you know that (golden lion tamarin interesting facts): - The golden lion tamarin is a small monkey and its native home is the southeastern rainforests of Brazil.

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Jul 5, 2013 ... Golden Lion Tamarin Facts. New World Monkey Alternative names: Leontopithecus rosalia, Golden marmoset, Golden lion marmoset, ...

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Learn more about the Golden lion tamarin - with amazing Golden lion tamarin videos, photos and facts on ARKive.

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The golden lion tamarin is a small monkey native to the eastern rainforests of Brazil. The golden lion tamarin is today considered an endangered species as ...

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Status: Severely endangered because their habitat has been fragmented into small, unconnected areas. About 1,500 golden lion tamarins live in the wild.

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Basic facts of golden lion tamarins. ... About 1,500 golden lion tamarins (GLTs) live in the wild, most in or near the Reserva Biologica de Poço das Antas in the ...

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The Black Lion Tamarin Monkey (Leontopithecus chrysopygus) also known as the Golden-rumped Lion Tamarin is a lion tamarin found only in the Brazilian ...

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Fun Facts. Lions are the only large cats that live in social groups. The pride is made up of a dozen or so females, their young, ...

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Interesting Golden lion tamarin Facts: Golden lion tamarin is a small monkey. It can reach 6 to 10 inches in length and between 17 and 24 pounds in weight.

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Learn all you wanted to know about golden lion tamarins with pictures, videos, ... Fast Facts. Type: Mammal; Diet: Omnivore; Average life span in the wild: 15 years ... These interesting animals are critically endangered, as are many of the ...

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Fun Facts: Golden lion tamarins have a number of features that are atypical for the Order Primates. Their thumbs are not fully opposable and their hallux (big toe ) ...