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Serena and Darien, the story of the Present, Continued


After the final battle with Queen Beryl of the Negaverse was over, all the scouts, and Darien lost their memory of their past lives, and the recent battles as Sailor ...

Love Story- Serena and Darien - YouTube


Jun 30, 2009 ... It was a promise ring kind of thing and it was sailor moon sailor stars season. It was in Japanese. DIC never made it that far and English dubb ...

A Sailor Moon Romance - one song glory | moonromance.net


indicates a story selected for the Gold Collection by Dejana Silver indicates a ... A Humorous Interlude by Aimee [Read] Gold * Bed of ... Darien's Story by Alexis- chan [Read] * I'll Be by ... Serena's Trouble Play by Alluntz [Read] * All My Fault by ...

Usako & Mamo-chan's home sweet home - Links' collection


Apr 23, 2011 ... Serena and Darien forever · Night's Sailor Moon Page ... http://silvermoonlight. com. A Romantic Interlude ... Sailor Moon: A Timeless Story ...

Cloudy Jenn — Fandoms United Fic Recs


Aug 2, 2015 ... The Inevitable Love Story Between Two Oblivious Idiots by Bgtea-The Hobbit, Bilbo ... Interlude by sexylyon-Sailor Moon, Serena/Darien.

GARDEN INTRIGUE: Eloise & Colin « Lauren Willig – News and ...


Feb 12, 2012 ... Darien, CT .... All I had were rumors and legend, garbled and inconsistent stories ... It was Serena's defection that hurt Colin the most, even more than ..... It wasn't long before I grew to love the C/E interludes and how they tied ...

Act 15 - Infiltration, Sailor Mars (episode) - Sailor Moon Wiki - Wikia


The "Doom Tree" story arc involving the aliens Ali and En was made up for the ... from the Dark Kingdom arc to the Black Moon arc with no "interlude" arc. .... Sailor Moon S Birthday Blues (1995) - Clip Darien doesn't know Serena's birthday.

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Sailor Stars (Revision) - Sailor Moon Wiki ...


MC Fly returns for a brief comedic interlude. Later, alone on ..... Sailor Moon S Birthday Blues (1995) - Clip Darien doesn't know Serena's birthday · Sailor Moon  ...

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon ~ Beginning of the New Legend - Sailor ...


In an interlude, Tuxedo Mask, King Endymion, Usagi, and Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon ..... Sailor Moon S Birthday Blues (1995) - Clip Darien doesn't know Serena's ...

Mars Needs Total Science - Total Science | Songs, Reviews, Credits ...


6. Life on Mars (Interlude) ... feat: Darien Brockington ... 15. We Have Our Differences (Interlude) ... collider 'American Horror Story: Hotel' Recap: “Room Service”.

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Interlude Chapter 1: part 1, a sailor moon fanfic | FanFiction


Nov 10, 2002 ... Interlude. By: sexylyon. A 'what-if' story set between plot points in the NA .... Mumbling, Serena kept her face averted as she let Darien help her ...

Strands of Moonlight - the Yarnspinner's stories


Continuing Sexylyon's "Interlude". Darien and Serena's love continues to develop as they discover who they are, and face the threat of the Negaverse. ... A series of stories, beginning in the Silver Millenium and ending in the Crystal Tokyo era, ...

Interlude - A New Song by The Yarnspinner


getting requests about further installments to her story, but said if there is .... relationship, strongly suspecting that Serena and Darien's continued sniping

AnimeManga - DGRFA :: Destiny's Gateway Romantic Fanfiction ...


Summary: When Darien realizes how depressed Serena's been lately, he decides to show her his ... Summary: Just a sweet story about a hot day in the park and a kiss Usagi and Mamoru share. .... Summary: Continuing Sexylyon's " Interlude".

Moon & Earth - Lethe's Banks


Stories about Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask, and Chibimoon ... Interlude (205k) by Sexylyon .... Darien's betrayal starts to have serious effects on Serena's health.