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Etiquette, Manners, Cultural understanding for international global business relationships, using proper manners and etiquettes appropriate to each country.


Guide to international business culture and etiquette in over 35 countries. Topic covered include negotiating, gift-giving, and entertaining.


Jun 15, 2012 ... Never leave meetings early in Brazil; expect Indians to arrive at meetings late but you should be on time. This is a guest post by Stephen ...


International Business Etiquette - Customs and Culture. With offices in multiple countries, international corporations have long been navigating the fine points of  ...


Feb 13, 2015 ... Learn the ins and outs of international business etiquette in some countries from around the world.


May 9, 2015 ... Going abroad for business? Study up on international customs so you can make a great impression.


May 12, 2015 ... Be a business pro with this guide to international business etiquette.


Sep 25, 2013 ... ... the second involves following proper protocols and etiquette. From the ... Here are 10 of the more unique international business customs.


International Business etiquette has a number of definitions and interpretations. Learn what this means in practice.


Jun 30, 2007 ... International business etiquette 101. Story Highlights; Learn key phrases before you go; Get plenty of rest before your trip; Find out if talking ...