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While in the past, people were more likely to "stick with their own kind," we are seeing a significant growth in interracial relationships.


There's no such thing as an interracial relationship, when there is only one race of .... my husband and I thought this encouraged another of our lively debates.


I'm am an Israeli Jewish while my wife is Buryat-Mongolian. Since we both come from the same Russian cultural and lingual background, we don't have some of the ...


Aug 27, 2014 ... The ban on interracial marriage was wrong. That doesn't mean the ban on same- sex marriage also is wrong.


2 days ago ... Bans on interracial marriage were historical anomalies based upon ... current marriage debate is nothing like the debate on interracial marriage.


Interracial Relationships are fundamentally incompatible. For thousands of years, people have only mated with people of their OWN RACE. If we allow interracial ...


Jun 13, 2013 ... Virginia, which made interracial marriage legal nationwide. Marriages between people of different races have climbed since, to a high of 8.4 ...


Mar 12, 2014 ... In many ways, today's debate about same-sex marriage resembles earlier debates about interracial marriage. I've drawn this analogy myself.


May 5, 2016 ... Though Barack Obama, the child of an interracial relationship, has now served as president of the United States for nearly eight years, and a ...