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The Intratec TEC-9, TEC-DC9, or AB-10 is a blowback-operated semi-automatic pistol. It was ... KG-99; TEC DC-9; TEC DC-9M; AB-10; TEC-9M (Mini, 76 mm barrel, no barrel jacket, 20-round magazine); TEC-9S (stainless ... Caliber · 9mm.


Interdynamic KG-9 and Intratec TEC DC-9 "assault" pistol (USA) ... Intratec AB-10, a "post-ban" (post-1994) reincarnation of the Intratec TEC-9 pistol, ... Caliber, 9x19mm Luger/Parabellum ... It was used in several mass murder cases, as well as in unknown, but definitely large number of street fights and other violent crimes.

Dec 16, 2012 ... Review and shooting of the Intratec AB-10 9mm.Its very similar to the tec-9. ... This is the gun Dylan Klebold used at Columbine´╗┐ ... No offense man, but take a breath and go easy.... all of the umm, ahh, uhhh, yaa ummms made me fast forward then just exit out .... Which Caliber Can Bust Open a Lock?


The TEC DC-9 is a low priced single action autoloading pistol made by Intratec ... The gun's serial number is etched onto a metal plate that is molded into the ...


Serial 069147 remains in 95%+ condition with light handling wear. Includes ... INTRATEC AB-10 Pistol ( Tec 9 ) Stainless Steel BBL w/ 32 Round Mag. Intratec  ...