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How to introduce a new kitten to your resident cat | international cat ...

Introducing a new cat or kitten to a household can be quite stressful, to all concerned. Indeed, it can be easier to introduce a dog to a cat than a cat to a cat.

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Wouldn't it be nice if all it took to introduce a new cat to your resident pet were a ... Most importantly, try to choose a cat with a similar personality and activity level to your current pet. An older cat or dog might not appreciate the antics of a kitten.

Cat Behavior | Introducing New Cats

Mar 12, 2012 ... The key to a successful new cat introduction is to give the cats a reason to like each other.The proper new cat introduction technique must ...

Simple Tips for Introducing Two Cats - Petfinder

Plan on getting a new cat and already have an existing one? These steps will help ensure a peaceful relationship between your new cat and your existing one.
Furry was threatening the first few hours and I had to put her in a cage for the first day. a friend of mine suggested to bath them all three together, is it okay doing so? It's very important that you have a new kitten or cat examined by a veterinarian before introdu... More »
By Amy Shojai, CABC, Guide

Introducing a New Cat to an Old Cat | Animal Planet

Read this article from Animal Planet to learn how to introduce a new cat to an old ... My current female was an orphaned stray kitten, a runt, and is a bit skittish ...

Introducing Your Cat to a New Cat | ASPCA

Introducing a new cat to your resident cat should be a slow and gradual process. There are multiple steps you should follow to ensure that the introduction goes ...

4PAWS - Introducing A New Cat

How do you successfully introduce a new cat into your household if you ... This separation will also give your current pets time to get used to the new cat's smell .... If your new cat is a small kitten, take special precautions whenever the cat and  ...

How should I introduce a new cat or kitten to my existing cat ...

Aug 14, 2014 ... Cats can be very territorial and sometimes they don't like change very much. Your cat is probably used to being the only cat around and ...

Introducing New kittens to Other Cats - Helpful Tips

How to introduce your new kitten to older cats in your home. Just follow these tips & slowly introduce the new kitten to existing cats.

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Q: Is it safe to introduce a new kitten to my current cat?
A: Many cats are rather territorial. That means that when the new kitten arrives, their thoughts are something like "What is this HORRIBLE INTRUDER doing in MY HOU... Read More »
Q: introducing a new kitten to my current cat.?
A: Sometimes it take a few weeks for cats to decide they get along. There is a product called feliway which comes in a defuser and a spray. It is a synthetic of th... Read More »
Q: How should you introduce a new kitten to the current cat in the h...
A: Bringing Home Baby. Cynthia B. Whitney. Reprinted With Permission. Would you like to learn more about your favorite cat breeds or perhaps visit cattery websites... Read More »
Q: How to Introduce a New Kitten Into a Household With an Aggressive...
A: 1. Ensure that your new kitten is healthy before bringing it home. Take it to the vet and have it examined. Get any vaccinations or medication that it needs. 2.... Read More »
Q: How to Introduce Your Cat to a New Kitten
A: 1 Meet the kitten you want to adopt. Think about whether the new cat will be a good fit for your household. Will this cat get along with the pets that you have ... Read More »