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Ethical intuitionism (also called moral intuitionism) is a family of views in moral epistemology At .... Some use the term "ethical intuitionism" in moral philosophy to refer to the genera...

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Dec 15, 2014 ... Ethical Intuitionism was one of the dominant forces in British moral philosophy ... All classical intuitionists maintain that basic moral propositions are self-evident, and ... are based on the immediate experience (sensory intuition) I have of a cat ... Second, intuition is a way in which we are aware of self-evident ...

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Intuitionism teaches that there are objective moral truths, and that human ... We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

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Here are some examples of ethical claims that, I take it, are not intuitive, even for those .... We can now see that at least one objection to intuitionism rests on a .... This would be a problem for someone who wants to maintain that eating meat is ... A naive empiricist might appeal to my experiences with colored objects: I have  ...

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Moral Intuitionism is divided into three related sub-classes of ethical theory: ... and immorality are discovered by our emotional responses to our experiences. Moral Sense Theory posits that we have a "moral sense" that provides information ... Intuitionists therefore maintain the moral properties that are discerned (either ...

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have fewer resources than intuitionists in other domains, not because of the subject matter of ethical ... seemings (e.g., those based on sensory experience or memory) in the way they justify. ... Both Robert Audi and Russ Shafer-Landau maintain that ethical intuition is grounded in ... From this we come by reflection to.

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LaFollette—The Blackwell Guide to Ethical Theory. O. 103 ... We may, however, suspect that our moral beliefs about abortion, insofar as we .... historically prominent variants of intuitionism have done much to discredit the appeal to ..... If this is right, it explains why we experience the process of moral inquiry as a process of ...

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May 5, 2014 ... Recent Critiques and Defenses of Ethical Intuitionism ... It is an indisputable fact about our moral experience that we make judgments of right .... maintain that an endorsement of ethical naturalism requires a commitment to the.

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Are we entitled to assume the superiority of philosophers' intuitions just as we ..... However, it is controversial to maintain that disgust can provide moral guidance. ... Ethical intuitionists regard moral knowledge as deriving from moral intuition, moral ..... of both the force and content of beliefs and perceptual experiences.

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feminist ethics and moral epistemology to suggest that powerful social forces impair .... this objection against moral intuitionism, we can nevertheless apply feminist ..... might have the phenomenal experience of two simultaneous intuitions which ..... intuitionist without maintaining that intuitions are epistemically privileged, ...