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To Hunt a Mate, an inuyasha fanfic | FanFiction


Mar 4, 2008 ... Valentine's Lemon entry One-Shot The New Moon has come but ... Lemon. Rated : Fiction M - English - Romance - Inuyasha, Kagome H.

Black Dog, Once More Chapter 16: Longing You ... - Fanfiction.net


Jul 4, 2003 ... Chapter 16*LEMON*. Kagome stood ... Inuyasha watched as Kagome's eyes darted around the hot spring as if looking for an exit. He took in a ...

In Body, Mind, Heart and Soul, an inuyasha fanfic | FanFiction


Dec 20, 2007 ... What's Inuyasha going to do once he finds out why she's upset? Inuyasha x Kagome LEMON Read and review. Very 1st Lemon so be nice.

So Close, an inuyasha fanfic | FanFiction


Jan 17, 2009 ... And a seemingly disaster-potiential setting leads to Inuyasha and Kagome becoming closer than ever. Rated for Limes and Lemons. InuKag.

Fic: Empty House Days (NC-17, InuYasha/Kagome) Chapter - Eight ...


Feb 19, 2013 ... Title: Empty House Days Pairing: Inuyasha x Kagome Rating: NC-17 Warnings: SMUT!! Oral, masterbation, and sex! so ... the fanfiction archives ...

Broken, a fanfic by Quickening, chapter 11 - Samizdat Express


This fanfic says what would have happened if the beads on Inuyasha's neck broke. ... Hadn't he tried to go down before, in his desperation to save Kagome? ..... That is to say, I might write an Inuyasha and Kagome lemon one of these days , ...

Their Destiny, an Inuyasha fanfiction by Wolf-Blossom on DeviantArt


Jul 2, 2012 ... "GAH," Inuyasha hissed, pulling away from Kagome abruptly. "I hate that an-tee- skeptic thing!" He crawled away from the wench when she ...

Fade and Flare - An Inuyasha Fanfic by Pink - Pinku.net


An AU Inuyasha fanfic by Pink. ... Yes, Inuyasha and Kagome get together. It really shouldn't be a surprise. XD ... Chapter 13 - Los Angeles (Lemon Warning!)  ...

www.ask.com/youtube?q=Inuyasha and Kagome Lemon Fan Fiction&v=RE1326PRMMY
Sep 7, 2015 ... inuyasha and kagome fanfiction lemon. Jaya Cianjur ... Inuyasha: After The Final Act: Inuyasha and Kagome Have a Baby! - Duration: 4:28.

The Girl and Her Wolf: An Inuyasha Fanfic~ Ch. 1 by ...


May 23, 2013 ... "What's wrong, Inuyasha?" Kagome asked. Miroku and Sango halted and looked over their shoulders. Inuyasha's head was tilted upward as he ...

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InuKag Romance and Lemon stories | FanFiction


Kagome and Inuyasha leap down the well into the past, but end up in Ancient China well before the Sengoku Jidai. Now Kagome has caught the lustful eye of ...

Collection of One Shot Lemons Chapter 1: Table of ... - Fanfiction.net


May 14, 2007 ... This is a collection of Lemons that are explicit and intended for Adults who ... With Inuyasha and Kagome they find out just how much they each ...

Lady Bliss | FanFiction


Aug 2, 2012 ... I am working on Inuyasha and Kagome's Lemon Chapters. My original Sesshomaru and Rin was a huge success (aside from one person ...