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An invasive species is a plant, fungus, or animal species that is not native to a specific location (an introduced species), and which has a tendency to spread to a ...


Learn how invasive species threaten native wildlife.


Invasivespeciesinfo.gov -- Reference gateway to invasive species information; covering Federal, State, local, and international sources.


However they move, invasive species can alter ecosystems, food webs, and economies. The Smithsonian Environmental Research Center's Marine Invasions  ...


This web site is a collaborative project between the National Park Service and the University of Georgia - Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health.


An invasive species, also known as an exotic or nuisance species, is an organism or plant that is introduced into a new environment, where it is not native .


What are Invasive Species? An invasive species is one that is not native and whose introduction causes harm, or is likely to cause harm to Michigan's economy, ...


A definition of invasive species, with links to examples, collections and related resources.


A nonnative species could become invasive soon after becoming established, like the Cuban tree frog. It was introduced in 1931 through packing materials, and  ...


The National Invasive Species Council (NISC) is a council of federal Departments and agencies tasked to provide national leadership regarding invasive species.