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Karl Benz, a German inventor, is credited with inventing the first commercially-available, gasoline-powered automobile in 1885. It consisted of a tubular steel frame with an electr...

History of the automobile


The early history of the automobile can be divided into a number of eras, based on the prevalent means of propulsion. Later periods were defined by trends in ...

Who invented the automobile? (Everyday Mysteries: Fun Science ...


The history of the automobile is very rich and dates back to the 15th century when Leonardo da Vinci was creating designs and models for transport vehicles.

Invention of the Automobile Video - Henry Ford - HISTORY.com


Who inspired Henry Ford to get into the car business? See why motorized wheels have been called one of the greatest inventions in modern history.

Automobile History - Invention of the Automobile


Fascinating facts about the invention of the automobile by inventors Karl Benz, Amedee Bollee, Nicolas Joseph Cugnot, Gottlieb Daimler, Henry Ford, Wilhelm ...

Who Invented the Car? - LiveScience


Jun 18, 2013 ... The history of the automobile is a long and winding road, and pinpointing exactly who invented the car is not a simple matter. But if you rewind ...

Who Invented the Automobile? | Wonderopolis


The invention of the automobile changed all that. In many ways, the automobile revolutionized society and enabled people to explore the world around them ...

The History of the Automobile


By the 1900's, it was uncertain which type of engine would power the automobile. At first, the electric car was the most popular, but at the time a battery did not ...

The Invention of the American Vacation: The Automobile 1914-1932


Although Henry Ford is mythologically credited for the invention of the automobile , what he actually developed was the characteristic light, low-cost, high-quality, ...

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Q: The invention of the automobile?
A: Justin Bieber invented this when he was 3. Read More »
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Q: Invention on the automobile..?
A: How about the fact that some of the earliest cars were electric, and now we are headed back in that direction? Read More »
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Q: Who invented the first automobile?
A: !n the 15th century Leonardo da Vinci was creating designs and models for transport vehicles but Nicolas-Joseph takes it hard Cugnot (1725-1804) Built the first... Read More »
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Q: When was the invention of the automobile?
A: In 1896, inventor Henry Ford completes his first automobile, the Read More »
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Q: Who invented the Chevrolet automobile?
A: Louis Chevrolet designed the first Chevy. Thanks for using ChaCha. Read More »
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