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A peeler is a kitchen tool consisting of a slotted metal blade attached to a handle that is used to remove the outer skin or peel of certain vegetables, often potatoes and carrots, and fruits ... The Econome, invented in 1928 by Victor Pouzet, entails a unique blade design that features two slits. From top to bottom, a paring knife, ...


A Google search tells me that hundreds of vegetable peeler patents were filed in the 1800's. People just wanted a more efficient way to remove ...


When was the potato peeler invented? ... Why were vegetable peelers invented? ... A potato peeler machine is one which is capable of automatically removing ...


Vegetable Peelers are a kitchen tool designed to remove just the peel (skin) ... A Vegetable Peeler that one person will use to whiz merrily through a bag of potatoes in ... It was reputedly invented sometime in the 1800s by a blacksmith named ...


Sept. 17,- 1946. a. H. \DOLAN, 2n. POTATO PEELER 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 Filed Feb . 9, 1945 CHA 1?; Es Hfiomm, ZY-. INVENTOR. ,4 Tram 5 9*: 17, 1946- c.


Apr 6, 2017 ... Peelers - The nineteenth-century created numerous kitchen use inventions: toasters, potato mashers, apple/potato peelers, food choppers and ...


It's the invention of mechanical potato peeler in the 1920s that paved the way for potato chips to soar from a small specialty item to a top-selling snack food.


Potato Peeler. Name of invention: Potato Peeler Name of inventor: Hope Toriella When it was invented: For most recent Harvest Festival Inventions Competition


Nov 26, 2008 ... He called his first invention "the Lighting apple parer. ... stoner, which was used to pit cherries, a potato peeler and apple slicers and corers.