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Although widely and erroneously credited to 19th-century British plumber Thomas Crapper, the modern flush toilet was actually invented in 1596 by Sir John Harrington. His treatise,...

The first flush toilet was invented by Sir John Harrington in the 16th century.

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The opposite of a flush toilet is a dry toilet which uses no water for flushing. ...... prosperity, that the flush toilet became a widely used and marketed invention.

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May 19, 2015 ... The centerpiece of today's modern bathroom, the flush toilet has equal ... new- fangled invention, referred to the toilets as “crappers”—due to the ...



THE FLUSH TOILET IS THE GREATEST INVENTION. Will we ever again invent anything as useful as "the humble loo"? When we devoted a Big Question to the ...

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The first packaged toilet paper was the 1857 invention of American, Joseph Gayetty and called Gayetty's Medicated Paper. In 1880, the British Perforated Paper ...

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The invention of the indoor water closet or lavatory.

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History of the Flush Toilet ... Page 1. History of the ... Invention of the Toilet Paper · History of the Baby ... History of Pressalit Toilet Seats · The Evolution of the ...

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While Sir John Harrington is credited with the invention, it was Alexander Cummings that received the first patent for a flushing water closet (toilet not John) .

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This marvelous invention is the flush toilet. We don't like to think about what our lives would be like without modern conveniences such as electricity, ...

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Q: Who invented the flush toilet?
A: John Harrington, 1596 England. Inside toilets were around for a long time beginning in 2500 BC; they just didn't have a flushing breast mechanism. Sir John Harr... Read More »
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Q: Who invented the hybrid toilet?
A: The guy who needed a economical toilet that flushed his business down the crapper. His name is Kenny and he even has his own TV show, he is teamed with Mr Hanky... Read More »
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Q: Who invented the plastic toilet?
A: Thomas Whitney and Samuel Crosby invented the plastic toilet. They applied for and Read More »
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Q: Who invented the porciline toilet?
A: The 19th-century British plumber Sir Thomas Crapper invented the modern flush toile... Read More »
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Q: Who invented the first toilet?
A: The flush toilet was invented in 1596 by John Harrington, but Toilets have been around since 2500 BC. Read More »
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