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Switch Control is a new feature in iOS 7 that allows your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to be controlled with head movements with the front facing camera.

Jun 26, 2013 ... http://9to5mac.com/2013/06/26/ios-7-includes-ability-to-control-your-iphone-or- ipad-using-head-movements/ Triple tap the home button to turn ...


Jun 26, 2013 ... iOS 7 includes the ability to control your iPhone or iPad using head ... tipster, iOS 7's “Accessibility” section now includes a feature that allows you to control ... You can also make the left or right head movement act as a home ...


Jan 6, 2017 ... Learn about the Switch Control accessibility feature in iOS. ... Switch Control lets you control your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch using a single switch or multiple switches. ... Camera: Move your head to use the FaceTime camera as a switch. .... Set whether a movement action repeats when you hold down a ...


Mar 13, 2014 ... Apple's iOS 7 lets you control your device by tilting your head ... don't be surprised to see other iPhone or iPad users tilting their heads this way or that ... Under Camera, select Left Head Movement, and then the action for that ...


The feature, originally released alongside iOS 7, allows users to connect a switch via ... Choose Left Head Movement, and then select the action you'd like your iPhone to perform .... All the keyboard shortcuts you'll ever need for Safari on iPad.


Jun 26, 2013 ... Hot on the heels of yesterday's report that iOS 7 includes the ability to detect ... iOS 7 includes ability to control iPhone or iPad with head movements .... in the accessibility settings and allows navigation with head gestures.


Mar 10, 2014 ... Apparently, this feature has been available since iOS 7.0 (thanks for setting me straight, commenters), but still, good to know about.


Now control your iPhone by moving, tilting or shaking your head. ... iPhone, running on iOS 7 and later, has this hidden feature that might have escaped your attention. This feature allows you to manage many things on the screen with your head. ... You can also add multiple switches for Left and Right Head Movement.


Oct 30, 2013 ... Use Switch Control on iOS 7 To Control Your iPhone Using Head Gestures ... However, with iOS 7 Apple is making its iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch ... 7 that lets you use the iPhone's front facing camera to detect your head's ...