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Ipse dixit is a term used to identify and describe a sort of arbitrary dogmatic statement, which the speaker expects the listener to accept as valid. The fallacy of ...

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Ipse Dixit. [Latin, He himself said it.] An unsupported statement that rests solely on the authority of the individual who makes it. A court decision, for example, that  ...

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Ipse dixit definition, an assertion without proof. See more.

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May 9, 2016 ... Ipse dixit is a Latin phrase meaning "He himself said it." It refers to what is basically an appeal to authority, with oneself as the authority. In other ...

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ipse dixit · Look up ipse dixit at Dictionary.com: Latin, literally "he (the master) said it," translation of Greek autos epha, phrase used by disciples of Pythagoras ...

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From Latin ipse dixit (“he himself said it”), calque of Ancient Greek αὐτὸς ἔφα ( autòs épha). Originally used by the followers of Pythagoreanism, who claimed ...

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Definition of IPSE DIXIT: He himself said it; a bare assertion resting on the authority of an in- dividual.

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Ipse Dixit. (ip-see>b>dix-it) Latin for "he himself said it." A statement that, while unsupported and unproven, may carry some weight based solely on the authority  ...

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ipse dixit. noun. An unsupported assertion, usually by a person of standing; a dictum. Origin of ipse dixit. From Latin ipse d&imacron;xit, he himself said (it) : ipse, ...

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Ipse dixit ('false authority'): L. "He said it himself" Def- appealing to an illegitimate authority; Ex- "Global warming must be true because the Vice President said so ...

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ipse dixit. (ip-sah dicks-it) v. Latin for "he himself said it," meaning the only proof we have of the fact is that this person said it.

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Latin, literally he himself said it, translating Greek autos epha, a phrase used of Pythagoras by his followers. Pronunciation: ipse dixit. /ˌɪpseɪ ˈdɪksɪt/.

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Define ipse dixit: an assertion made but not proved : dictum.