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Dark brown discharge - Women Health Info Blog


Due to this, the person may experience dark brown discharge after period or may be ... between chronic stress, irregular periods and dark brown discharge.

Brown Discharge Instead of Your Period | What to Expect


Sep 22, 2014 ... Here's why brown discharge happens when you're not pregnant — including when it might be implantation bleeding — and when you may ...

Menstrual Blood Problems: Clots, Color, and Thickness - WebMD


WebMD describes the causes of strange, thick, or heavy menstrual blood. ... care provider to rule out any conditions that might be causing an abnormal period. ... You may notice that your menstrual blood becomes dark brown or almost black ...

Brown discharge and very irregular periods - Sexual Health - Women ...


Brown discharge and very irregular periods . posted a while ago about having very irregular periods since the age of 11 (am now 26).

Light Brown Spotting: 3 Types of Causes – All About Implantation ...


Such spotting may occur 1 or 2 days prior to menstrual bleeding, which is the norm. However, if brownish discharge precedes your period for a longer term than ...

Brown Vaginal Discharge: 10 Causes & Questions Explained


... are only seeing brown discharge, ... If your cycle is irregular, you may ...

Common Causes Of Brown Blood Menstruation - Treatments For ...


Aug 9, 2012 ... An experience of a dark brown vaginal discharge between periods, ... The passing out of blood clots are characterized by dark brownish ...

Brown Vaginal Discharge: Causes, Treatments and See a Doctor ...


Birth control: Artificial hormones in birth control pills can cause irregular periods upon initial usage and lead to spotting and brown vaginal discharge.

Vaginal bleeding - irregular - Better Health Channel


The lining of the uterus is shed and the loss is 50 per cent blood, which can vary from bright red to dark brown. After each period, the whole cycle starts again.

Brown Discharge | MedGuidance


If you are displaying a brown discharge before your period, there are several ... can result in a discharge that is dark in color and appears in irregular intervals.

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Why Is My Period Brown? - Healthline


So when you spot something abnormal, such as brown discharge or dark brown blood, you may be ... In most cases, brown blood during your period is normal.

Irregular Periods and Brown Discharge | 34-menopause-symptoms ...


Periods that last anywhere between three to five days, can also become irregular if characterized by irregular bleeding and brown discharge. Find how to ...

Irregular period/Light Spotting/Brown Discharge- I may have some ...


May 22, 2010 ... I see a lot woman asking the same question "Am I pregnant?" "I'm spotting when I' m supposed to have my period"... ..."Haven't had my period ...