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The hiccups result from spasmodic lowering of the diaphragm that causes a short , sharp inspiratory ...

What Causes Hiccups? - KidsHealth


Some things that irritate the diaphragm are eating too quickly or too much, an irritation in the stomach or the throat, or feeling nervous or excited. Almost all cases ...

Hiccups: Click for Causes, Home Remedies and Treatment


Nov 19, 2015 ... Information about hiccups causes like eating too fast, drinking to much, ... Many conditions can cause this irritation and result in hiccups, ...

Hiccups Causes, Symptoms, Treatment - What ... - eMedicineHealth


Nov 19, 2015 ... What causes hiccups? ... How is the cause of hiccups diagnosed? ... or masses can cause irritation of the diaphragm, which can cause hiccups.

Hiccups Causes - Mayo Clinic


The most common cause of long-term hiccups is damage to or irritation of the vagus nerves or phrenic nerves, which serve the diaphragm muscle.Factors that  ...

Hiccups: Causes, Risk Factors & Treatments - Healthline


Sep 26, 2015 ... The diaphragm contracting out of rhythm causes hiccups. Each spasm of the diaphragm makes the larynx and vocal cords close suddenly.

Hiccups: Causes and Treatments - Medical News Today


Dec 23, 2015 ... Some causes of hiccups can be avoided, such as alcohol and eating too quickly. Most cases of ... Hot food has irritated the phrenic nerve.

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Some of the more common underlying causes of prolonged bouts of hiccups ... After surgery - eg, gastric stasis, direct irritation of the nerve, hyperextension of ...

Hiccups, Chronic - WebMD


Hiccups may also be associated with pancreatitis, pregnancy, bladder irritation, liver cancer or hepatitis. Surgery, tumors, and lesions may also cause persistent ...

Popular Q&A
Q: What would make your diaphragm irritated causing hiccups.
A: Some things that irritate the diaphragm are eating too quickly or too much, an irritation in the stomach or the throat, or.MORE? Read More »
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Q: What are common irritants that cause hiccups.
A: Practices that might irritate the diaphragm such as eating too much,too fast or drinking too much (drunk people hiccup).! Read More »
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Q: What will irritate the phrenic nerve causing hiccups.
A: Eating too quickly or too much, an irritation in the stomach or the throat or feeling nervous or excited can irritate the phrenic nerve and cause hiccups. Certa... Read More »
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Q: Irritation of a major nerve of this plexus may cause hiccups?
A: cervical plesus Read More »
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Q: What Causes Hiccups With Beer?
A: Hiccups are caused by an irritation in the diaphragm, which is the part of the body responsible for pulling air into the lungs upon inhalation and pushing it ou... Read More »
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