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The Frustrating Truth About Obamacare - Huffington Post


Jan 30, 2016 ... The uninsured rate is about the same, the sign-up numbers are about the ... Traffic on HealthCare.gov grew by 50 percent from last week to this, ... Will enough of them be healthy to offset to costs of the sick and create a stable system ? .... 80% of those 11.8 million are getting subsidies but they still can't use ...

How red states propped up HealthCare.gov - HealthInsurance.org


Mar 31, 2015 ... Oddly enough, those refusals have propped up enrollment in private health ... the best on the exchange and indeed about the best on offer in any ... If you strip out those 1.9 million QHP buyers, the exchanges look a lot less successful. ... of HealthCare.gov states with incomes in the 100-150 percent FPL ...

Good Enough for Healthcare.gov: "Log out and wait 30 minutes and ...


Dec 2, 2013 ... Peter Suderman suggests that for all the hoopla surrounding the "tech surge" on Healthcare.gov and Obama admin claimes that 90 percent of ...

Healthcare.gov's choice overload: It's no wonder people end up ...


Sep 13, 2015 ... Using a simulated version of healthcare.gov, we showed that a ... of choice meant that nearly 80 percent of them picked suboptimally. ... However, even if you did get sick and used up your entire deductible, Plan B is still the best choice. ... gold or platinum — depending on the percentage of healthcare costs ...

Here's Why Healthcare.gov Broke Down - ProPublica


Oct 16, 2013 ... The site, healthcare.gov, was initially going to include an option to browse before ... The debacle is merely the most visible example of how $80 billion spent .... The success or failure of the ACA is fully creditable to the Democrats. .... The fact that a small percentage of the population is going to lose policies ...

Healthcare.gov's technical problems frustrate Americans | The Verge


Dec 6, 2013 ... The administration has finally announced the error rate for 834 transmissions, ... It's not good: one in ten forms contain errors, a spokesperson told ... Healthcare. gov now works for 80 percent of users after 400 fixes, administration says ..... in modern political debates: successful and beloved tech companies.

ObamaCare Website - ObamaCare Facts


The official ObamaCare website, healthcare.gov, got off to a rocky start. ... many Americans have been able to sign up for the website and a percentage of those ... Obama recently said he'd consider a “fix” to be successful if 80 percent of the ... been incrementally improving, but many don't feel it's happening fast enough.

Variation in Marketplace Enrollment Rates in 2015 ... - Urban Institute


rates in the other states ranging from about 50 percent in some states to ... all states using HealthCare.gov, plan selection rates among the .... enough from the latest available tax data or if no tax data are ..... North Carolina drop to 82 percent and 80 percent respectively .... But other states were much more successful. As a.

Obamacare sign ups hit 9.5 million - Jan. 27, 2015 - CNN Money


Jan 27, 2015 ... Some 87% of those picking plans through healthcare.gov are .... We should insure the whole world...if its good enough to Americans it is good enough for everyone ... Thanks to former President Reagan back in the 80's. ..... The percentage of adults who were uninsured went down by ~4.6% last year.

High deductable health plans are still too expensive for many ... - PBS


Dec 26, 2013 ... With the highest rate of uninsured people in the country, it's not that hard to find someone like ... Boudreaux was hoping to find a better deal on healthcare.gov. ... in silver or bronze plans, which will cover 60 to 70 percent of a person's health care costs, and a typical employer plan covers 80,” Peason says...

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Healthcare.gov website rollout - Ballotpedia


Healthcare.gov is the website published by the federal government that is ... the success rate of those attempting to create an account was up to 90 percent, but .... for success would be having 39 percent of the signups be young, healthy people. ... internal goal of having the website be able to handle 80 percent of signups.

Healthcare.gov: CGI Had Pre-Existing Conditions - The Cheat Sheet


Dec 23, 2013 ... CGI Federal, the Canadian company behind Healthcare.gov, has a ... Is an 80 Percent Success Rate at HealthCare.gov Good Enough?

Is the Affordable Care Act Working? - The New York Times


Oct 26, 2014 ... 1Has the percentage of uninsured people been reduced? ... 5Has the health care industry been helped or hurt by the law? .... Whether the reduction is a success or a disappointment depends on one's perspective. ... Asking whether people have insurance is a good first question when it comes to evaluating ...