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The importance of a great smile can hardly be overstated. In an April 2013 Canadian study (“Is An Unattractive Smile a Barrier to Professional Success?

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“A smile is not only a reflection of a person's oral health, but of their self-esteem ... 74% felt an unattractive smile can hurt a person's chances for career success.

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Apr 9, 2013 ... Your attractive smile is capable of lifting others moods, lending them joy. ... This helps break down social barriers and creates an environment ... 74% believed an unattractive smile could be detrimental to maintaining success in their career. ... Porcelain veneers; Dental implants; Professional teeth whitening ...

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o Well-dressed executives project success and credibility. ... smiling. These gestures and expressions provide insight into the attitude of the originator.

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May 26, 2016 ... Newton worked hard not to let his professional life intrude on his family time. ..... Rupp complained in ugly terms to his assistant coaches that the university ... next to their parents, looking up at the lifeless black body, some smiling. ..... They don't let the guy they see can be successful get out of the Bubbl...

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But even the most unattractive teeth can be dramatically transformed through cosmetic .... You can also apply antifungal zinc oxide paste to the cracked skin, which also serves as a barrier between the skin and outer contaminants. ... Studies have even linked having an attractive smile with greater professional success.

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Aug 11, 2014 ... ... between success A charming smile can open doors and knock down barriers ..... between success and failure in both our personal and professional lives. ... An attractive or pleasing smile clearly enhances the acceptance of ...

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Three-quarters (74%) of adults feel an unattractive smile can hurt a person's chance for career success. ... Professional tooth whitening in a dental office is the preferred whitening method because even ... A mouthguard also provides a barrier between the braces and your cheek or lips, limiting the risk of soft tissue injuries.

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This is the most common cause of an unattractive smile. ... teeth by the dentist or trained professional after the gums have been protected with a paint-on barrier.

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Nonetheless, they're still an incredibly strong, successful treatment for most cavities. .... But if your smile is broken, discolored or damaged, it can be a barrier ... believe an unattractive smile can negatively affect professional advancement.

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Studies Prove a Beautiful Smile Leads to Greater Success ... .com/press-release/ pg-corporate-announcements/unattractive-smile-barrier-professional-success.

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Feb 3, 2012 ... a new professional tooth whitening option that can get teeth up to 8 shades whiter ... 96% of adults believe an attractive smile makes a person more appealing to ... feel an unattractive smile can hurt a person's chance for career success. ... We explain that their gums will be protected with a barrier before the ...

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Aug 13, 2015 ... 5 foods that naturally whiten and brighten your smile ... adults feel that an unattractive smile affects the success of your career. ... or barrier that protects tooth enamel, preventing stains and cavities. ... If you looking for a gentle, professional, and highly trained dentist in Phoenix, you've come to the righ...