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Baby oil is essentially mineral oil with fragrance. And while I'm personally not a fan of it in my hair, there are a number of curly, coily and kinky girls who swear by  ...


Baby oil can also help to grow hair longer and faster. ... The follicle or hair root is alive and good nutrition and a healthy diet can aid in growing hair long.


Apr 3, 2014 ... Baby oil is typically 98% mineral oil and 2% fragrance. ... Just make sure you don' t apply baby oil directly to your hair, which can weigh it down ... I could never find a good tutorial on how to mask them, all were in regards to ...


Jul 18, 2017 ... Considered by many people to be a nursery essential, baby oil is a fragrant mineral oil that often ... Using baby oil in your baby's hair is a time-tested method for treating cradle cap, but ... Is Vitamin E Oil & Aloe Vera Good?


Jul 16, 2015 ... "Believe it or not, the best thing for sleek hair is Johnson's Baby Oil Gel. It makes the hair shiny and soft." It's also so good at holding hair ...


Jan 27, 2015 ... This article examines whether it is ok to use baby oil in the hair. ... Love the smell but i have learned that mineral oil is not good for your hair.

Mar 10, 2013 ... One great way to add a little extra shine to your hair is through the careful use of baby oil. Apply baby oil to dry hair for shine with help from an ...


Baby oil is pretty much mineral oil which is a bi-product of petroleum. When they take ... Baby oil is derived from good old black gold! Would you be smearing axle  ...


Oils of different kinds can be good for hair, it doesn't have to necessarily be baby oil, it can be olive oil, coconut oil, argan oil. Depending on a ...


Baby oil can be used for healthy skin, hair, insulation in cold and for tanning. It is good for a quick massage and to heal dry skin problem like cradle cap.