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What is the difference between congenital cerebral palsy and acquired cerebral ... Although a specific genetic disorder does not directly cause Cerebral Palsy, ...


Is cerebral palsy genetic/hereditary? Familial cerebral palsy is uncommon, approximately 1% of people with cerebral palsy will have a sibling with the condition.


My husband and I (we're both nearly 30) are considering having a baby, so I'm looking at our genetic background. My mother had cerebral palsy - does this put ...


Apr 29, 2016 ... Recent research shows a surprising connection between cerebral palsy and a child's genetic makeup. Find out how the two are related.


Aug 3, 2015 ... Contrary to what was previously believed, a research team has discovered evidence of genetic causes for cerebral palsy, radically changing ...


Sep 1, 2014 ... Cerebral palsy is a neurological developmental disorder which follows an injury to the immature brain before, during or after birth. The resulting ...


Jan 26, 2012 ... Now, researchers at Geisinger Health System find that the majority of cerebral palsy causes may in fact be caused by genetic abnormalities.


Aug 3, 2015 ... Cerebral palsy, the most common cause of physical disability in children, has long been thought to result from brain injury in the fetus. But new ...


Jul 15, 2014 ... New research has found cerebral palsy, a disability of the brain ... have long been suggestions that an underlying cause could be genetic.