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According to a recent court ruling (pdf) cheerleading is not a competitive varsity sport on the same level as volleyball for purposes of Title IX obligations.
Despite its certainly being a physical activity, the court found that cheerleading lacked a similar level of organization to other varsity sports.

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Cheerleading /ˈtʃɪərlidɪŋ/ ranges from yelling to intense physical activity for sports team ... The presentation of cheerleading as a sport to a global audience was led...

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Every cheerleader gets fired up when someone sparks the "Is cheerleading a sport?" debate. ... The truth is, there really isn't a solid definition of “official” sport.

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... goes on: Is cheerleading a sport? We sum up cheerleading and point out how it is an athletic activity and how school cheerleading cannot be considered a sport.

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Dec 12, 2016 ... Cheerleading, along with Thai kickboxing, was given provisional status by ... or gymnastics — you should be cool with cheerleading as a sport.

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Dec 21, 2016 ... It might be easier to get people to come to a consensus on the issue of which came first, the chicken or the egg? An American team competing ...

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Jan 13, 2017 ... This has been a constant debate, whether cheerleading is a sport or not. There is very valid evidence for both sides of the argument.

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Dec 7, 2016 ... Here's something to cheer about: the International Olympic Committee's executive board voted on Tuesday to recognize cheerleading as a ...

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The New York Times states that cheerleading is the fastest growing girls' sport, yet more than half of Americans do not believe it is a sport. In addition, they fail to  ...

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Oct 15, 2014 ... Somehow we're still talking about whether cheerleading is a sport or not. Many don't seem convinced yet, including one federal appeals court ...