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Chili is classified as a stew due to its meat content and its thickness. However, this classification is debated in some...

Chili con carne


A pot of chili con carne with whole green hot chilis, kidney beans and tomatoes. ... that chili with beans has a long enough history so as to not be considered ...

Is Chili a Soup? | Yahoo Answers


May 8, 2008 ... So me and my girlfriend are having a debate over whether chili is a soup or not... and this ... I never considered it a soup (I make mine thick!) ...

Is chili considered a soup? - Quora


No, chili is not considered a soup. The meat in chili is not boiled in the stock or water. It is either fully cooked before it is added to the chili pot (if ...

Is chili a soup, a stew, or its own category? - Writer's Resource Center


Jul 8, 2014 ... So a lot of references of chili as a soup. Common usage on menus tend to classify as a soup. So if soups are not cooked does that make ...

when does a soup become a stew? or a chowder? | Roadfood.com ...


but what makes a soup?....and what makes a stew?.......and where do beans; navy, pinto, ... Would vegetarian chili be considered soup too?

Is chili considered to be soup - Answers.com


Chili is sometimes considered soup, but it is more accurately a stew.

History of Chili - ICS | International Chili Society


The desire to brew up the best bowl of chili in the world is exactly that old. ..... The famous Chasen's restaurant in Beverly Hills serves more "Soup of the Devil" to ...

Soup, Bisque, Chowder, Stew, What is the Difference? | A Big Slice


How can you tell the difference between a bisque and a chowder? A soup and a stew? Sometimes the difference is very subtle and confounds even the experts.

Is chili a soup? : AskReddit


Sep 9, 2015 ... If you make it incorrectly, yes, it is. Properly, chili is considered to be a stew. The difference between soup and stew is basically just the amount ...

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Q: Is chili considered a soup or stew?
A: If it had to be one or the other Chili would be closer to a stew. It is really nei... Read More »
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Q: Is chili consider a soup?
A: Nope. Chili cannot be classified as a soup, or a stew, just as chili. This is because its Read More »
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Q: Is chili considered a soup?
A: Yes, it's a "soup" if it's watery. It's also a "sauce" when used on hot dogs or baked potatoes. Read More »
Source: answers.yahoo.com
Q: Is Chili Considered A Soup?
A: There are many soups/stews that are difficult to categorize. Chili is just one of many. Wikipedia calls chili a "spicy stew". There is a lot of stuff in cooking... Read More »
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Q: Is chili considered to be soup?
A: Chili is sometimes considered soup, but it is more accurately a stew. Read More »
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