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The Communist Party of China took control of the national government in 1947. As of 2014, the party remains in power, though the country has gradually adopted progressively free ma...



The country is ruled by the Communist Party of China (CPC), whose power is enshrined in China's constitution. The Chinese ...

Is China a Communist Country? Why Americans Can't Be Ignorant ...


Nov 14, 2013 ... Technically, China is a communist country. But it also allows capitalism. What that means in practice is that Chinese corporations are entities of ...

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I have to disagree with the assessments given by most people, which seem to stem from a superficial understanding of the Chinese system at best or a deep mis.

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Jul 12, 2007 ... ... like it is a capitalist economy and have ceased from running the economy like it is a communist economy. Is China communist country still?

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Although China will commemorate 50 years of Communist Party rule this year, ... trade relations” (NTR) for “most favored nation” were steps in the right direction.

China's government may be communist, but its people embrace ...


Oct 10, 2014 ... While China's government may be officially communist, the Chinese ... economic policies are to blame for the rich-poor gap in their nation, one ...

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Apr 25, 2014 ... The argument that China is not a Communist country seems to be based on the fact that China is pursuing market-based policies in some ...

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Jun 30, 2015 ... China's per capita GDP is only about $13,000 per person -- still much lower than in Japan, the U.S. and other rich countries. When you're poor, ...

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Mao Zedong took control over China in 1949 and proclaimed China as the People's Republic of China, a communist country. China has remained consistently ...

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Q: Is China a communist country?
A: Wither China is communist country or not is not a easy answer. China has one party system which is the Chinese Communist Party, China's economics is pretty much... Read More »
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Q: Is China a communist country?
A: Thats opinion: Some consider it a coummunist country and some think now its more Read More »
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Q: Is china a communist country
A: Yes, China's government is still considered a Communist State. However, the country is undergoing a series of modern reforms to change this. Read More »
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Q: Is China a communist country?
A: Socialism a theory or system of social organization in which the means of production and distribution of goods are owned and controlled collectively or by the g... Read More »
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Q: Is China a communist country?
A: One needs to look into more detail. One party rule totalitarian country. CCP runs the country. The government structure and the CCP party structure are of Lenin... Read More »
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