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Cutting: A Painful Addiction | The Fix - Page 0


Cutting yourself to quell emotional pain isn't all that different from drinking or drugging, though the scars are more apparent. The question is: How dangerous is ...

Why is self-harm so addictive? | 7 Cups of Tea


Take our free test to better understand yourself and Self-Harm. Take this ... Self- harm, cutting, burning, ect, is a way many people find to have instant gratification.

Teen Cutting Addiction - Newport Academy


Many who suffer from teen cutting addiction go to great lengths to keep it hidden. Know the warning signs of self-harm, and other ways to help them cope.

5 Ways People Who Cut Themselves Are Nothing Like You Think


Dec 1, 2014 ... But with an addiction like self-harm, you still "cope" with the ... in this case, the adhesive in the Band-Aids that you keep plastering on yourself.

Cutting Addiction: Why Do People Cut Themselves?


Read all about why people cut themselves, the imminent risks and the need for an intervention here. If you are looking for help, please give us a call today.

When Scab-Picking, Cutting Becomes Addictive - WebMD


When Scab-Picking, Cutting Becomes Addictive. Many adolescents practice self- harm in an attempt to cope with pressure or emotions. WebMD Feature.

Why do People Cut Themselves? Is Self-Harming Addictive?


Jul 2, 2012 ... This is how teenage cutting becomes addictive. ... what you have done, only to find yourself in disappointment, disgust, more pain and shame.

Cutting - KidsHealth


Injuring yourself on purpose by making scratches or cuts on your body with a sharp object — enough to break the skin and make it bleed — is called cutting.

I'm Addicted To Cutting Myself, Some Call It Crazy, STOP Cutting ...


This poem is about the addiction of feeling pain through cutting and wanting to be ... I'm still bullied, being told to go get hit by a truck, go kill yourself, called a ...

Cutting Yourself: I am addicted to cutting myself


Feb 25, 2013 ... I am addicted to cutting myself was the last email that we received yesterday, the mail from a 20 year young woman reinforced much of the ...

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what happens when you cut yourself - TheHopeLine


You cutting yourself merely covers over the deeper emotional pain you're feeling. But like every other addiction, it's far too much medicine for the sickness, and ...

Cutting and Self-Harm: Self-Injury Help, Support, and Treatment


cutting or severely scratching your skin; burning or scalding yourself; hitting ... the line, including major depression, drug and alcohol addiction, and suicide.

Cutting Addiction and Substance Abuse - Futures of Palm Beach


A cut provides the person with a sense of control over these triggers, and the endorphin rush a cut provides can bring a person a temporary sensation of relief.