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What role might the Supreme Court play in the next presidential ...


Apr 26, 2012 ... However if the president loses either of these cases it could become ... Here's my question to you: What role might the Supreme Court play in the next presidential election? ..... That's as crazy as the Dred Scott Decision holding that a person, ..... How will the fiscal cliff affect the way you handle your mone...

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This is part of what makes the Dred Scott case so shocking: it is about race ... My goodness, our 21st century Republicans seem to have 19th century “Democratic Party” mindsets, don't they? ... CLIFF NOTES VERSION OF DRED SCOTT: ...... And 0 EUR/month really does make fiscal sense too... maybe I'll even get a shirt?

Update: Police State Bureaucrats Battle Bee Man In Court with Terry ...


Plus Scary New Evidence That We're Heading Off The Fiscal Cliff ... Please join Bill Heid and Terry Ingram as they discuss the April 1<sup>st</sup> hearing on his case, the outcome, and the steps ... In the second half of our program today, we're pleased to have Greg McCoach .... The statement by Chief Justice Taney in Dred Scott v.

John Eastman | Right Wing Watch


To our readers: Right Wing Watch, a project for People For the American Way, .... NOM's John Eastman Compares Supreme Court's DOMA Decision To Dred Scott ... Cliff Asness, they are hedge fund managers, they are major Romney donors, and ... During the CPAC panel on the "Phony Divide between Fiscal and Social ...

Sam's Smear | National Review Online


... to the principles of the Declaration to see that Dred Scott was wrongly decided; ... When conservatives suggest that our fidelity to the Constitution is declining, ... the Tea Party, Tanenhaus writes, would have plunged us all off the fiscal cliff. ... Yet there is some truth to the remark in this case: Of course it is not a coincid...

Bell Ringers | C-SPAN Classroom

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You can further explore a topic by using one of the activities on our C-SPAN Classroom ..... Fiscal Condition of the US Postal Service (5:45) ..... Yale Law Professor Akhil Reed Amar and author Cliff Sloan discuss the Constitutional .... A brief description of the Dred Scott Supreme Court decision and its effect on the country.

GOP undercard debate: Rick Santorum says same-sex marriage is ...


Aug 6, 2015 ... “It's no more settled law than Dred Scott was settled law to Abraham Lincoln, who in his first inaugural ... “This is a rogue Supreme Court decision,” Santorum continued. “Just as ... This Thanksgiving, it's not your right-wing Trump-loving uncle you have to worry about. .... The Lame Duck Meets The Fiscal Cliff.

Rich: Obama Elevates Stonewall, Boxes In Roberts -- NYMag


Jan 23, 2013 ... ... whose court delivered the infamous Dred Scott decision before the Civil War. ... of the Republican pledge to never raise taxes during the “fiscal cliff” standoff. ... Our colleague Joe Hagan broke a story that Donald Trump "has ...

Why Natural Gas isn't Likely to be the World's Energy Savior | Our ...


Oct 17, 2012 ... The effect is still there, and pushing us toward the “fiscal cliff.” ...... In the Dred Scott decision, they decided that black people were not humans.

GOP loses more young, minority and female voters after shutdown ...


Oct 22, 2013 ... ... walk to a second GOP caucus meeting to discuss the “fiscal cliff” bill — which was ... If we do not, our Party's appeal will continue to shrink to its core .... the Liars for Christ does the Dred Scott decision have a thing to do with Roe. .... making the demons jump into a herd of pigs, who then jumped off a cl...

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Our Documents - Dred Scott v. Sanford (1857)


Citation: Judgment in the U.S. Supreme Court Case Dred Scott v. John F.A. Sanford, March 6, 1857; Case Files 1792-1995; Record Group 267; Records of the ...

Dred Scott Would Have Been Better Off If He'd Had a Gun | Power Line


Dec 26, 2012 ... This piqued my interest, as I hadn't read the Dred Scott decision in decades, and had no memory of the passage cited. So I looked it up.

The man our founders warned us against | Power Line


Posted on November 23, 2015 by Scott Johnson in Constitution, Obamacare ... Lincoln famously disparaged the Supreme Court's decision in the Dred Scott case as “an ... I want to note that my attention was drawn to the case by the Hoover ..... The financial death spiral of ObamaCare is the only mechanism that will save us, ...

Civil Rights Timeline - CNN.com


Feb 21, 2007 ... 1857 The Supreme Court rules in the Dred Scott case that slaves do not become free when .... Obama on fiscal cliff: Congress, I warned you ...

Democrats and Republicans Are Driving America off the Fiscal Cliff ...


Apr 1, 2014 ... Democrats and Republicans Are Driving America off the Fiscal Cliff ... closer to a tipping point that would have cataclysmic effects on our nation. .... that the Supremes also upheld Korematsu vs US, and the Dred Scott decision.