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Francis is a French and English given name of Latin origin. Francis is a name that has many derivatives in most European languages. The female version of the name in English is Frances, and (less commonly) ... (all variants are valid for both males & females, rare for a female to adopt this name in Irish); Italian: Francesco  ...


In my experience, Francis is a boy's name, Frances is a girl's name. But names are getting ... Is Quora a boy's name or a girl's name? Mei Douthitt, Had crash course in gender differences in the college of hard knocks. Answered Sep 8, 2016.


Get the meaning of the name Frances. When naming your baby Frances, it's important to consider the gender of the name itself. When people look at the name ...


Its a male name, if in a story often used for nerds or posh kids, but also so nice people.Ans.2The male version is Francis, as in St.


Get the meaning of the name Francis. When naming your baby Francis, it's important to consider the gender of the name itself. When people look at the name ...


Artists, Gender-neutral, Great American women, Hipster, Labor Day, Old- fashioned, Oscar winners, Saints, Southern, U.S. presidents, Unique, Wild West ...


Frances: Meaning, origin, and popularity of the girl's name Frances plus advice on ... Gender: F Meaning of Frances: "from France or free man" Origin of Frances:  ...


I think Francis is the boy spelling and Frances is the girl spelling, personally. .... If you see a male named Francis M., you can bet the middle name is Marion.


Meaning of the name Francis: From Franceis, and Old French form of the Italian Francesco, which is from the Middle Latin Franciscus (a Frenchman). Franciscus  ...


Meaning of the name Frances: French feminine form of Franceis (a Frank, from ... I hate it because of the male version and everyone thinking that is my name.