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Researchers remain hopeful that they're heading in the right direction to finding a cure for HIV/AIDS. Two babies who were treated as infants for HIV lived for ...

HIV - AIDS - Symptoms, Facts, Prevention & Treatment


HIV is the infection that causes AIDS. HIV has few or no symptoms for up to 10 years or more before symptoms of AIDS develop. There is no cure for HIV/AIDS, ...

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The first and only person ever to be cured of HIV/AIDS is a leukemia patient treated in Berlin with HIV-resistant stem cells. Although the Berlin patient was treated ...

Is there a cure for HIV or AIDS? - San Francisco AIDS Foundation


There is no functional cure for HIV or AIDS, meaning that there is no procedure or medication which has been scientifically proven to reliably eliminate the virus ...

How is HIV treated? - HIV/AIDS


Right now, there is no cure for HIV infection or AIDS. So, once you start treatment, you have to continue to be sure the virus doesn't multiply out of control.

New drug holds out promise of long-term control or even cure of HIV


Jul 18, 2015 ... Scientists at the Scripps Research Institute in California have discovered a new type of drug that may permanently inhibit HIV from becoming ...

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Aug 27, 2015 ... Did you know there are three stages of HIV infection? Learn how the disease spreads in your body.

Searching for an HIV and AIDS cure | AVERT


There is no cure for HIV and AIDS yet. However, treatment can control HIV and enable people to live a long and healthy life. Some people think that treatment is  ...

Spanish Doctors Believe They've Found a Cure for HIV ...


Nov 12, 2014 ... Doctors in Barcelona, Spain, announced earlier this month that they believe they' ve found a cure for HIV, according to the Latin Post. But don't ...

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After three decades of the AIDS pandemic, the cure for HIV is closer than ever before.

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Q: Is HIV curable?
A: "We have found an innovative way to kill the virus by finding this small region of HIV that is Read More »
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Q: Is hiv curable and why?
A: Human Immunodeficiency Virus or HIV is a condition in which the immune system begins to fail, Read More »
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Q: Is hiv curable?
A: In fact HIV can not be cured as our immune system goes on weakening it finally forms what we know as AIDS. But there is a treatment in herbal Holistic way! Here... Read More »
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Q: Is HIV curable?
A: While the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is not curable, doctors now can neutralize HIV by implementing a combination therapy, according to a study from The... Read More »
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Q: Is HIV curable?
A: At this moment - no. But with the right medication it can be supressed for quite some time. Supressed means that you still carry the virus, but you don't get si... Read More »
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