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India and the ICC - The Council and the Court


Abstract. The Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC Statute) would have been .... accommodative to only a slightly greater degree to meet the concerns that .... the Court not as a check on impunity but a judicial bully that has to be.

Stop bullying us, ICC judges tell Kenyans | The Star, Kenya


Oct 17, 2015 ... ICC judges yesterday said they refuse to be bullied and abused by Kenyans ... Judge Osuji can whine all he wants, but the only way for him to redeem ... Yes, people should not export impunity and tribalism to The Hague, there are ... than reptiles?check the food chain and you will know where you belong.

As Defense Lawyers Conclude His Direct Examination, Issa Sesay ...


Aug 12, 2010 ... Why only African leaders should be tried by the ICC while other .... on except if Alpha is your easy target that you can pick on with impunity. ..... However, Mr. Koumjian and Ms. Hollas are like schoolyard bullies .... The last time I check, Mr. Alpha Amadu Jalloh wasn't a Liberian instead a Malian, fair enough?

Former ICC Prosecutor Slams US Record on the ... - Justice in Conflict


Nov 2, 2015 ... The former chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) is ... on the justice bandwagon late in the game only to be the first in line to bully ... They don't like something checking them. ... The criticism is largely irrelevant until we address the fact that the US commits many crimes with utter impunit...

Three lessons from the ICC's Kenya debacle ~ Horn Affairs English


Apr 13, 2016 ... ICC's decision to vacate charges against Kenya's William Ruto and Joshua Sang sends a sober message about its potential to end impunity. ... the Kenyan parliament rejected a bill to create a special tribunal, it did just that. ... have failed to stand up to Kenyan government bullying in national capitals or at ...



[6] The United States system of check and balances is executed through the separation of ... [11] This accusation not only implies that the ICC has powers of unlimited ... the ICC Statute, the country potentially consents shifting judicial authority from ... Impunity (also called Immunity) Agreements (BIA's) with various countries.

The Law of Nations | The View From LL2


Jun 17, 2012 ... Saif Al-Islam Gadaffi, son of recently deposed Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi, .... The ICC officials have no immunity from domestic judicial process, but by ..... their government with impunity is definitely a sign of human rights abuses. ... Bullying is most prevalent in third grade, when almost 25 percent of .....

ICC Moot Court Manual - International Bar Association


The ICC moot court problems were produced by the International Bar Association .... build the capacity of domestic institutions to fight impunity and ensure ... criminal law has bearing on the refinement of the domestic criminal justice ..... which the Appeals Chamber has just heard will be very useful in making this argument.

From Administrative State to Constitutional Government


Dec 14, 2012 ... When the Founders created our Constitution, they entrusted only limited ... but not directly accountable to any, and the effect of checks and balances is reversed. ... all three powers of government—legislative, executive, and judicial. ..... In addition to the ICC, the FTC, and the Federal Reserve, the Food and .....

Twilight of Impunity | Duke University Press


Twilight of Impunity: The War Crimes Trial of Slobodan Milosevic. Author(s): Judith Armatta: Published: 2010: Pages: 576: Illustrations: 10 photographs, 5 maps ...

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Is ICC Submission in the Best Interest of US National Security? A ...


submission to the ICC on American national security; it addresses three ... the Libyan government only pay reparations to American families after the ... permanent, treaty-based court established by the Rome Statute to bring justice and end impunity .... adequate checks and balances on powers of the ICC prosecutors and ...

'History is written by the Victors' or is it the Bullies? The ICC'S ...


Aug 27, 2014 ... In the case of the Melinda Taylor incident, considering the ICC's strong-arm ... This is not just any judge; this is a revered International Criminal Court ... stance, the public perception of JUSTICE IS BLIND would no longer exist. ...... ideas of impartiality, neutrality and the basic idea of FIGHTING IMPUNITY.

ICC rules prosecutor to re open investigation Mavi Marmara


Jul 17, 2015 ... In a 2-1 decision, judges of the International Criminal Court (ICC) ruled that ... such as for her conclusion that crimes were committed only on the Mavi ... prosecution or trial of cases, or in the exercise of judicial powers.“* .... “I believe if you check the archives here, you'll find that I have been .... Typic...