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Why is IGN looked down upon in the gaming community? : gaming


Sep 26, 2014 ... I've never had a problem with IGN. Every time I play a ... I agree on that Colin is VERY biased towards Naughty Dog. That said The Last of Us ...

Nintendo Media Bias | IGN Boards - IGN.com


Does Microsoft and Sony get a more favorable outlook? ... human being still has preference towards one companies offerings. .... And it's not just bias against Nintendo, as different people have bias against different things.

Sony wins E3 2014: Microsoft gambled on games, and lost ...


Jun 11, 2014 ... It probably ends up being cheaper than any of the current consoles. ..... this site seems to have a huge bias towards sony – and while i do favour ... then think according to ign that ms showed 20 games – sony 19 – but the ms ...

www.ask.com/youtube?q=Is IGN Being Biased Towards Sony?&v=sQVtU-Qdf9M
May 12, 2016 ... The original 8.8 score from IGN was met with outrage from Sony fans, ... IGN Improves Uncharted 4 Review Score After Sony Fans Cry, Proving Media Bias For PS4 ... Moronic PS4 Fans Start A Petition Against A Reviewer Who Didn't Give ... CrapGamer Hilariously Gets Called Out For His Fake HDR on The ...
www.ask.com/youtube?q=Is IGN Being Biased Towards Sony?&v=vJY_ftCXHEI
Jan 5, 2015 ... I believe IGN probably asked them to leave the bias att... ... Is There Media And Gamer Bias Against The Xbox One? - Duration: 4:13. ... 1:05:46. Sony Dev Flips Out After The Order:1886 Gets Terrible Reviews - Duration: 3:46.

Microsoft Invites NeoGAF Admins to Attend E3 as Their Guests: Offer ...


May 23, 2014 ... It's so blatantly obvious how the IGN is split between Sony and Microsoft ..... Gaf's admins are known for being pretty biased against MS, I mean ...

Angry Gamers Accuse Gamespot of Bias Against Xbox One | N4G


Nov 24, 2014 ... Angry Gamers Accuse Gamespot of Bias Against Xbox One ... Say that to all the Sony and Nintendo fanboys who scream whenever exclusive .... Tell me how was ign's little big planet review fair? ..... How do you equate what I wrote in my comment to not being able to handle any criticism of GameSpot?

Is IGN biased towards giving games good reviews? - Quora


The short answer is, "yes". The long answer is considerably more complex. IGN, like many big sites, relies on advertising dollars brought in from big ...

New petition aims to remove IGN's Doom review 'cause it affects ...


May 21, 2016 ... The review also mentions a few other nitpicks like not being able to hide .... It is totally subjective and completely biased towards the person ..... According to some on here only sony fanboys are capable of starting petitions.

E3 2015: Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony - The Results - IGN Versus | N4G


Jul 7, 2015 ... We asked if your preferred Microsoft, Nintendo or Sony during E3 2015. .... Someone please explain how this site isn't biased again? ..... People's own opinion will decide who they think won E3, but on the net it's leaning towards Sony. .... You didn't get all those bubbles by being unbiased, we all know ...

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Sony Is Reportedly Planning to Release Mobile Games in 2018 - IGN


Oct 14, 2016 ... Sony Reportedly Planning Mobile Games for 2018 - IGN News ... Kylo Ren May Be Getting A Surprising New Costume In Episode 8 .... but as you've proven to be more than a little bias towards Sony it counts for very little.

Urban Dictionary: IGN


IGN is one of the more popular mainstream online sources for the latest news on video games. IGN has ... But if it's Call of Duty on Xbox, it gets rated near perfect scores. ... Most of the "reviews" are bias as Hell, and the games always get rated  ...

PC the only platform that truly has media bias against it ...


Like Mario Galaxy and 1 and 2 getting a 9.5/10 and a 10/10 but Skyward Sword gets a 7.5/10 and. ... Yet there was extreme bias against PC since the start of last gen. ... giving PC games 10/10 so is Eurogamer more favorable towards PC than Gamespot, IGN, Gametrailers? ... Consoles have Sony and M$ to back them.