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Star Wars Galaxies - Wikipedia


Star Wars Galaxies was a Star Wars themed massively multiplayer online role- playing game (MMORPG) for Microsoft Windows, developed by Sony Online Entertainment .... Kashyyyk is different from the pr...

Sony Is Reportedly Planning to Release Mobile Games in 2018 - IGN


Oct 14, 2016 ... Sony Reportedly Planning Mobile Games for 2018 ..... but as you've proven to be more than a little bias towards Sony it counts for very little.

Nintendo Media Bias | IGN Boards - IGN.com


Does Microsoft and Sony get a more favorable outlook? ... human being still has preference towards one companies offerings. .... And it's not just bias against Nintendo, as different people have bias against different things.

Why is IGN looked down upon in the gaming community? : gaming


Sep 26, 2014 ... I've never had a problem with IGN. Every time I play a ... I agree on that Colin is VERY biased towards Naughty Dog. That said The Last of Us ...

Sony wins E3 2014: Microsoft gambled on games, and lost ...


Jun 11, 2014 ... At its press conference last night, Sony casually sauntered on stage, ... The original story, about whether Sony or Microsoft won E3, has been left mostly untouched. ..... It probably ends up being cheaper than any of the current consoles. ..... this site seems to have a huge bias towards sony – and while i do ...

Is IGN biased towards giving games good reviews? - Quora


The short answer is, "yes". The long answer is considerably more complex. IGN, like many big ... Is it just me or does IGN seem biased toward MS's Xbox?

Angry Gamers Accuse Gamespot of Bias Against Xbox One | N4G


Nov 24, 2014 ... Angry Gamers Accuse Gamespot of Bias Against Xbox One ... 'plugging' the PlayStation 4 and showing bias against the Xbox One. ... Say that to all the Sony and Nintendo fanboys who scream ..... How do you equate what I wrote in my comment to not being able to handle any criticism of GameSpot?

New petition aims to remove IGN's Doom review 'cause it affects ...


May 21, 2016 ... New petition aims to remove IGN's Doom review 'cause it affects Metacritic .... The review also mentions a few other nitpicks like not being able to hide bodies .... It is totally subjective and completely biased towards the person ..... According to some on here only sony fanboys are capable of starting petitio...

"Mobile is for Babies" is the Grand Defense IGN Offers for Console ...


Oct 1, 2015 ... The anti-mobile gaming bias is strong, and if you mention anything about ... Sony's pushing streaming games through PS Now on the Apple TV, and Xbox is the new Games for Windows. ... Sorry but Touch Arcade is the one being ignorant here. .... Nothing against mobile gaming, I'm on this site after all, but ...

Community Article- NeoGAF & it's Bias, by Tim Dog – Rectify Gaming


Sep 10, 2015 ... It is the #1 source for all of gaming media, IGN, Gamespot, Giantbomb, you ... For example, if you say Xbox is getting a downclock on its CPU speed ... NeoGAF will defend and put out fires for Sony, even to the point they will lie as ... thing, the Bias will continue and won't stop unless you stand up against it.