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Mere Christianity


Mere Christianity is a theological book by C. S. Lewis, adapted from a series of ... all human beings, citing the example of Nazism; both Christians and atheists ... laws in that it can be broken or...

Challenge: Proof That Christianity Is Wrong - Stand to Reason Blog


May 5, 2015 ... Here's an argument I found, offering “Proof That Christianity Is Wrong”: This argument is ... I couldn't state it any better than they did. :) ..... and/or that - finally - 4) all is well "-Because I AM logical in doing so and therefore coherent" then the .... So none of the challenger's conclusions...

United Kingdom | Topics | Christianity Today


... United Kingdom. The best articles from Christianity Today on United Kingdom. ... Is 'Incoherent' Christianity Better Than None at All? English leaders say ...

The Coherence of God: a response to Theodore M. Drange


Being a Christian myself, I do not believe this to be the case, so it follows that I ... In the process, I will also attempt to build a coherent picture of the nature of God ... God remains fully God in all situations and his love, justice, mercy, power, ..... he knows our experience of the past and future in some ways better than we do...

Why Believe in Christianity Over All Other Religions?|CARM|Atheism


Critics often ask why Christianity is any better than any other religion in the world. ... Though there are other religions that have prophecies in them, none are ...

Is the idea of God incoherent? | the Way?


Apr 9, 2012 ... Here is a brief summary and comment on seven arguments, all of which I have ... about it – he observes it all the time and understands it better than we do. ... few of them challenge the idea of God that most christians believe in. .... As for the other things you mention that scientists can consider, none of them ....

Questions That Haunt Christianity: Why Are Definitions of God ...


Oct 2, 2012 ... It seems to me these assertions are incoherent and/or vacuous. ... As such, all I would have is a concept of God, and filtered through the eyes, feelings, ..... In the end “red” does objectively exist and yet none of the differing metaphors can be .... (N.B. the existence vs. essence argument is one that several ...

Apologetics Training - Advice to Christian Apologists | Reasonable ...


What training is the most beneficial for those who aspire to become Christian apologists? in ... make the mistake of trying to be a jack of all trades, and so they are master of none. ... of Christian apologetics is fine for certain contexts, and certainly better than ..... For it's incoherent to say that God is "beyond all our...

Christianity vs. Islam - Faith Facts


Christianity vs. ... On what basis does one claim to know more about the religion than the ..... None of us keeps all of the Ten Commandments all the time. ..... Historian Edward Gibbon described the Quran as "an incoherent rhapsody of fable, ...

The Existence of the Christian God: The Craig-Curley Debate ...


William Lane Craig vs. ... Typically atheists have said that the universe is eternal, and that's all. ..... And Abraham asks none. ..... chooses to create an effect in time is incoherent if that agent is, as Dr. Craig's God is supposed to be, omnipotent.

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Q: T believe in god and sometimes makes fun of us you automatically ...
A: Took me a while to read that, but I agree with this illiterate man. I respect people for having their beliefs but I show no respect to people that condone other... Read More »
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Is 'Incoherent' Christianity Better Than None at All? | Christianity Today


Apr 4, 2013 ... English leaders say religious education is a necessary part of primary education.

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Christian news and views about Secularism. The best articles from Christianity Today on Secularism. ... Is 'Incoherent' Christianity Better Than None at All?

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