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May 10, 2011 ... To ensure you're up to speed on the proper baptism and christening etiquette, ... Should you bring a gift, and if so, what would appropriate?

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You may already be familiar with traditional baptism gift etiquette if you know ... with a gift at a baby shower or a home visit, you're not obligated to bring an ... baptism gift etiquette, baptism gift, christening gift, appropriate gift etiquette, gift giving ...

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The appropriate time to give the present directly to the parents is at the reception following the baptism. Don't bring the gift into the church for the ceremony itself.

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It is in good taste to bring a gift to the baptism party following the official baptismal ... Elegant Bibles and crosses are also especially appropriate for this occasion.

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Here are some tips on what to do at a christening or Baptism. ... dedication of the child to God, you should know that this is an important day that should be treated with proper respect. .... Recommended gifts for baby or child being christened:.

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The Appropriate Baptism Gift for Your Grandchild ... If you are invited to a baptism , it is proper etiquette to bring a gift for the individual being baptized. There are.

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If you shop wisely, you can find something special that will be appropriate ... Baby Gifts and Baskets: How Much Money to Give as a Baptism Gift · New York ...

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Suggestions for a nice/appropriate gift? For other baptisms we've given money, a baby bible, book of bible stories, etc. Not sure if that's what is ...

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If you are giving a party, you CANNOT expect guests to bring a gift. ... What is the proper etiquette for returning wedding gifts is a wedding has been ... GIFT THAT GODPARENTS ARE SUPPOSE TO PURCHASE FOR BABIES BAPTISM?

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Im clueless to such religious occasions... am I supposed to bring something ... What is an Appropriate Gift for an LDS/Mormon Child's Baptism?

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Theoretically, one is not obligated to bring a gift to a baby baptism. ... Parents will frequently provide the godparents with an appropriate gift, and the godparents ...

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Even if you have not given a gift for the birth of the baby - you are not obliged to bring a gift. Should we give the clergyman a gift? While the baptismal sacrament  ...

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Knowing the proper etiquette for a baptism can be the difference between distracting the celebrants on this special ... It's impolite to bring the gift to the service.