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Is it legal for an employer to reduce the wages or number of hours of an ... an employer from lowering an employee's hourly rate, provided the rate paid is at least ...

Being asked to reduce your pay or your hours of work


If your employer asks you to work fewer hours or take a pay cut, this is a change ... that an employee is paid at the "prevailing National Minimum Wage hourly rate ". ... Before you do this, you should always seek detailed legal advice as proving  ...

Can the Employer Legally Cut an Employee's Pay?


The Employer Has Legal Requirements Surrounding Employee Pay Practices ... But, what they can't do is lower your salary without telling you in advance and ...

Can a Company Cut Your Pay or Hours? - Job Searching - About.com


When a Company Can Reduce Your Salary or Work Schedule ... Your employer doesn't need a reason to cut your pay or reduce the hours you are scheduled ... Pay cuts are legal so long as they are not done discriminatorily (i.e. based on the  ...

“Can my employer lower my pay starting two weeks ago, without ...


Oct 23, 2012 ... I just received a letter with my pay check stating my salary was being ... Once your employer gives you notice of your lower pay and your lower number ... Though I tried to do the legal research to find out what West Virginia law ...

Can an employer legally cut your pay without your consent ...


So at some point, even with a written contract, the employer can end the existing arrangement, and offer a lower pay rate in the future.

Can My Employer Lower My Pay if I Work While Injured?


Jul 22, 2013 ... If the employer lowered your wages or salary only because you claimed ... workers comp, you need qualified and experienced legal assistance.

Can an Employer Legally Decrease Your Salary If It Is Stated in Your ...


The rules that govern employment law may exhibit tremendous variation between jurisdictions. Although there are multiple federal agencies that administer v.

united states - Can my employer change wage rates based upon ...


Prior to this year my employer used to reduce our hourly rate if we elected to ... #3 - Since reducing hourly pay to pay for healthcare coverage is illegal why ... They can still increase your wages to compensate for changes in ...

Can Your Employer Cut Your Salary? Only if You Agree to It - Haaretz


Dec 5, 2008 ... But can an employee unilaterally cut employees' compensation ... "Even if the employer finds a legal way to cancel a particular benefit that has ...

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Q: Is it legal for a employer to lower your rate of pay if you quit?
A: You need to refer to your terms and conditions of employment as written on you employment contract. If this drop to minimum wage is stated on your contract as a... Read More »
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Q: In the state of Virginia is it legal for an employer to lower you...
A: Yes, in Virginia an employer can lower an employee's pay, provided that the employee does not have a contract with the employer that says otherwise and provided... Read More »
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Q: Can my employer legally lower my pay rate?
A: Yes, unless you have a written contract. And even in a written contract, there are probably some loopholes that will allow them to lower your pay. You, of cours... Read More »
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Q: Is it legal for a employer to lower your rate of pay if you quit?
A: Answer 1. It seems both unfair and illegal. Contact the Department of Labor. Answer 2. Your employer can cut your wages at any time. What does it matter anyways... Read More »
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Q: If an employer advertises a rate of pay and later changes the rat...
A: They can pay you whatever you agree to accept as long as it meets minimum wage laws. They can even lower your pay after they hire you if they want to, then you ... Read More »
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