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Infatuation or being smitten is the state of being carried away by an unreasoned passion. ... Cox says that infatuation can be distinguished from romantic love only when looking back on a particular...

The Difference Between Lust, Love and Infatuation - - eHarmony


the difference between love lust and infatuation Written by Janet Ong Zimmerman , YourTango.com. It's not easy to define our feelings for others — especially ...

12 Tests of Love - FamilyLife


Understanding the difference between love and infatuation.

Infatuation vs Love - Difference and Comparison | Diffen


Love and infatuation are both intense emotions that one feels for another person. These feelings are most often confused for each other by many people. But the ...

Is It Real Love or Infatuation? | JW.ORG Whiteboard Videos


Attraction, infatuation, and love are all intense feelings. Learn how to tell which one you are experiencing.

Take Online Test to See If You Are Infatuated | Self Help Blog


Oct 18, 2014 ... Online quiz on infatuation, explaining reasons for infatuated feelings, and how to get over being in love and infatuated.

Love Or Lust? How To Determine If Your Feelings Are Real Or ...


Jul 9, 2015 ... Infatuation sometimes feels just as good. ... People often confuse infatuation with being in love. Infatuation is mostly just based on desire, lust ...

The Differences between Love and Infatuation


So many adults get this one wrong that we thought we'd better tell you the differences between love and infatuation before your child gets their first crush. And be ...

Psych Central - Love versus Infatuation


Nov 6, 2004 ... An informational article about love versus infatuation.

How to Know the Difference Between Love, Infatuation and Lust


How to Know the Difference Between Love, Infatuation and Lust. Whether you're in a relationship already or admiring someone from afar, sorting out your ...

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14 Signs It's Infatuation Vs Love | Mercury


Feb 6, 2016 ... The difference between infatuation vs love is that infatuation is a short-lived passion for someone whereas love is a deep affection for someone ...

30 Ways You Can Tell The Difference Between Love And Infatuation ...


Feb 10, 2016 ... I always thought infatuation is part of love, I thought they complement each other until I experienced both and discovered that they can't coexist.

If This Isn't Real Love, What Is? The Fallibility of Infatuation


Nov 11, 2013 ... "Love -- a wildly misunderstood although highly desirable malfunction of the heart which weakens the brain, causes eyes to sparkle, cheeks to ...