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Is it normal for a cat to lose whiskers? I've noticed an increase in lost ...


Sudden loss of many whiskers at a time can be a symptom of infection and other ... Your cat also needs its whiskers for proper daily function, so just let them be ...

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It is normal for a cat to lose and regrow whiskers as a result of natural shedding. However, there are common diseases of the whiskers that can cause abnormal ...

Cat Whiskers - cats drop & shed whiskers, & regrow them


Feline whiskers drop out periodically and this is normal shedding so there is no cat health issue. They drop out at different times so that the two weeks it takes to ...

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She'll start losing whiskers after about three months. ... sense of balance -- they're practically the source of your cat's superpowers. ... It's perfectly normal for her whiskers to take a bit of a licking when she's roughhousing with her littermates.

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May 19, 2007 ... I thought whiskers were durable and cats didnt ver lose them, its not like ... looses the whisker? is this normal ? how does a cat loose a whisker, ...

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Mar 2, 2015 ... My cat is a Persian around ten years old. ... Is this normal? ... Losing a whisker is not uncommon as cats will shed their whiskers normally.

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What DOES happen to their whiskers - do they just fall out and then a new one grows? ... I think they all shed whiskers sometimes, mine do anyway ... Its normal, I think they just usually get hoovered up, so maybe thats why ...

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As long as your cat has only lost a few of its whiskers, then a return to normal - or at least a return to calmer circumstances - should help stop the shedding.

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May 5, 2007 ... However, cats do lose their whiskers in the normal course of living as well. The occasional whisker falls out, like fur. And kittens, being active ...

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Whiskers do grow back, but cats need their whiskers to remain intact in the same way ... Cat whiskers shed and grow back naturally, and should be left alone.

Cats have around 16 to 24 whiskers in total, with 8 to 12 on each side of the face. It is normal for a cat to shed a few whiskers, but if your cat is losing a remarkable number, you should see a veterinarian.
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Is It Okay If My Cat Lost A Whisker? | Cat Chat


Mar 9, 2012 ... Cats do shed their whiskers, but only one or two at a time. It's similar to the way that we shed eyelashes. It's normal to find one here and there, ...

7 Cool Facts About Your Cat's Whiskers - Catster


Sep 4, 2012 ... Well, did you know cats have whiskers on their legs? ... Although your cat does shed a couple of whiskers from time to time, you should never ...

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Cat whiskers have an important role for the cat's body: they help judging distances and ... When a cat loses weight, the cat will also lose his longest whiskers.