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Why are my dogs gums turning black? | Reference.com


Dog's gums can turn black when a dog has dental disease, or they can simply naturally be black according to the American Kennel Club and the Massachusetts  ...

What do Black Gums Above the Teeth in Dogs Mean? | Cuteness.com


Your dog may have flat, black splotches on his gums, inner lips or on his tongue. This is normal pigmentation for some dogs. It is the result of microscopic ...

Gum Color and Appearance: Assessing Your Dog's Health | PetHelpful


Feb 9, 2016 ... What if My Dog's Gums Are Dry, Pale, and Bloodless? ..... The black is likely normal color as the Dalmatian and Labrador are both a breed that ...

How to Tell If Your Dog Has Dental Disease | MSPCA-Angell


A much more subtle clue to dental disease is the change in the normal gum lines. ... What looks like a black spot along the gum line of a tooth is much more likely ...

What does it mean if your dog's gums turn black? - Quora


Do a capillary refill test by pressing on the gums with your finger. When you remove your finger, .... What can I do if my dog's nails turn black? What causes dogs to ...

health - My dog's gum, is it normal or not? - Pets Stack Exchange


Sep 23, 2014 ... I noticed the gum of my dog, and it doesn't look healthy to me. I don't exactly ... And the part where the teeth starts, its outline is color black.

My Dog'S Gums Have Turned Black. What Could Be Causing This?


My dog was diagnosed with epilepsy and is taking Phenobarbital. ... dogs with gums that are slightly paler than those pictured in the "normal gums" picture, but ...

Mouth Turning Black - Lightning-Strike Pet Loss Support Forum


My little dog JRT is 13 years old. She has allways been a licker. But lately it seem more. I looked in her mouth this morning and her gums are ...

Checking Your Dog's Mouth & Gums for Diseases - DogLoverStore


Mar 6, 2012 ... If your dog's gums do not return to their normal color within a short period, then he or she could be ... My dog's gums are black, why? Blue or ...

Got A Sick Dog? How To Check Your Dog's Vital Signs: Gums, Pulse ...


If your dog's gums are dark, blue, red or white you may have a sick dog — call ... When I called my vet, I told her that my dog's gums were darker than normal.

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Is it normal for my dog's gums to be black? | Reference.com


A healthy dog's gums are either pink, black or spotted, according to the American Kennel Club. However, black spots that appear along the surface of the gum ...

What Your Dog's Gum Color Tells You - dummies


Lift your dog's upper lip and look at the color of the gums above an upper ... Some dogs have black-pigmented gums, which can make assessment difficult.

Dogs with Black in Their Mouth | PetHelpful


Jul 31, 2015 ... Whether your dog has a black tongue, black spots inside the mouth or ... a black tongue or black gums, you may be wondering where those black colors are coming from. ... While it's perfectly normal for some dogs to have black pigment in .... My dogs have pink tongues and the 2 pedigree Dachshunds are ...