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If you've decided to stop drinking coffee, soda may be the next best alternative for an energy boost. But is drinking soda safe for your baby?


See what our expert says about whether it's safe to drink caffeinated sodas during pregnancy.


And don't think that you are making a smarter decision by drinking diet sodas. Artificial sweeteners have never convincingly been proven safe during pregnancy.


Some women like drinking soda and hold it as a habit which they can't stop easily ; some of the women can extend this habit even when they are pregnant.


Caffeine and other ingredients in sodas like Coke or Pepsi may worry many women because they ... Can I Drink Coffee Caffeine During Pregnancy - Is It Safe ?


Jun 11, 2015 ... You might want to consume juices, milkshakes, milk, energy drinks, and even soda. The three formers are fine for pregnancy, while the two ...


Nov 17, 2015 ... While health professionals encourage pregnant women to reduce their intake of caffeine, they do not suggest substituting caffeinated ...


Soda doesn't need to be totally eliminated during pregnancy, but soda has some qualities that aren't so good in pregnancy. Find out more.


When we become pregnant, we all need to make changes to our diet and ... Even if the soda you drink contains no caffeine, it is still not a good choice for you or your ... safe during pregnancy and most doctors suggest their patients avoid them .