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The skin of a mango is safe to eat as long as the person eating it does not have a strong sensitivity to urushiol, the active chemical found in poison ivy, poison sumac and poison ...

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Answer: Although the pit of a mango isn't considered edible, some people do eat the mango skin. The skin is bitter-tasting, but the peel contains several healthful ...

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Strange as it may sound, in some parts of the world eating a mango with its skin on is the norm. Perhaps those cultures know that the mango skin contains a ...

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Can one eat the peel of a mango? That is the question. Here are the answers: " Ick!" "No way!" "Of course you can..." "Ugh. The peel tastes awful!"

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So the simple answer on whether it is safe to eat mango skin would be affirmative . Mango skin is edible and tasty to boot, with the exception of certain family of ...

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Jun 20, 2012 ... Don't throw away that peel just yet—it may prevent unwanted flab.

Magic of Healthy Living: Can You Eat the Skin of A Mango


Nov 8, 2012 ... Can you eat the skin of a mango? Can you eat mango skin? ... skin has a special chemical in it that lowers cholesterol levels to a safe level.

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Dec 18, 2006 ... NOT JUST SKIN DEEP: It is likely that the mango skin also has an ingredient ... To me eating mango skin is just like trying to eat the banana peel. Yuk! .... I read somewhere that a mixture of peroxide and bleach is a safe way to ...

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Before you eat your mango, you should be aware of the many... ... The mango should be clean even if you plan on peeling the skin. Eat a Mango Step 3 Version  ...

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Aug 24, 2012 ... Nutritional benefits of mango, the king of fruits, is very much known to us. But what about the benefits of mango skin? Mango skin has several ...

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Q: Is it Safe to Eat Mango Skin?
A: Thanks to the wide spread terror against protecting ourselves from the pesticides sprayed on fruits and vegetables, most of us dread eating their skin. The trut... Read More »
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Q: Is it safe to eat mango skin?!
A: Yep is safe as long as you wash the skin!.!.!.I grew up eating mango skin and never got any problems!.Www@FoodAQ@Com Clutch the pearls baby! I love mangoes and ... Read More »
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Q: Is it safe to eat mango skin along with the mango fruit during pr...
A: It is ok to eat mango's and you can eat the skin but they contain a toxin close to what is in poison ivy. My husband and I are highly allergic to them. So I wou... Read More »
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Q: Is it safe to eat the skin of a mango?
A: Thanks to the wide spread terror against protecting ourselves from the Read More »
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Q: Is it safe to eat the skin of a mango?
A: I believe your nay-saying friends are thinking of PAPAYA, which does have toxins in the skin. Papaya skin (Papayin) is the active ingredient in Meat Tenderizer ... Read More »
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