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This is a list of predicted dates for events that would result in a massive or total collapse of ... You can help by expanding it with reliably sourced entries. ... 1216) predicted that the world would end 666 years after the rise of Islam. .... 1688 prediction failed to come true, Napier revised his end of the world prediction to this year.


Sep 5, 2016 ... Christian group claim scripture suggests August 21 will bring on an apocalypse. ... Is the world going to end tonight? Conspiracy theorist claim ...


Jan 4, 2017 ... END OF THE WORLD FEARS: Solar eclipse in 2017 will bring about apocalypse, say Christians. A SOLAR .... New Testament proved true?


Jan 3, 2017 ... Well, whether you're familiar with Planet X or not, brace yourselves, because according to Meade, it will collide with Earth in October 2017, ...


Sep 6, 2016 ... The group of self-described 'hardcore Christians' behind the website 'Unsealed' have predicted that the world will end on August 21, 2017 ...


Nov 3, 2016 ... The end of the world will begin in 2017, Christians say – and it's predicted in the Bible ... cheery bunch to predict that the world is going to end next year. .... SOON as many prophecies are coming true before our very eyes.


Jul 30, 2016 ... Just in case it does look like the world will actually end, I've come in to work to bring .... “Will do the true British thing and go and make a cuppa.


Jul 29, 2016 ... ... could be your last day on Earth if a religious group's apocalyptic prediction comes true. ... Why The World Will End Surely on 29 July 2016.


Jan 2, 2017 ... (We should note at this point that every year, without fail, internet nutters predict that the world will end, and it never, ever does.) Meade said ...


Sep 21, 2016 ... TRUTH seekers believe that they have PROOF the apocalypse will happen next year. ... End of world NEXT YEAR: 'Prophets' warn 2017 will be year of ..... see and NOT The RELIGION around the world that NOT The TRUE.